Massachusetts Driving

Summer and construction..

Summer season is here again! This means one thing… so is construction season.

Massive pile ups and countless detours plague the roads. Massachusetts roads crumbled until Gov. Deval Patrick signed a $2 billion emergency transportation bond, starting hundreds of previously under-funded projects. 

With additional funding: “Massachusetts will see about $115 million projects this summer, compared with $92 million last year.” – Roadway Headaches by Elaine Thompson

With this much construction in Massachusetts this summer you’re bound to drive through it sometime. When traveling through the work zones drive carefully. Fines double in work zones, and the constant construction may change the road’s drivability and sometimes direction. Save yourself a few bucks on tickets, car insurance, and accident’s medical bills, drive safely.

Highway Speed Cameras – A Word of Caution: Slow Down!

Late at night you drive home alone on the road. A bright flash comes from behind. you check the rearview mirror, still no one behind you. You think this odd but continue on your way. Some time later you’re reading through your mail and find a speeding ticket for that night.

According to Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, speed cameras are used in 48 communities nationwide, including areas of Massachusetts.

Giving the surveillance a whole police squad can not preform every hour of the day, the hope is our roads will be safer. According to the IIHS, “speed cameras ‘can substantially reduce speeding on a wide range of roadway types.'”

-“Speed Cameras on U.S. Highways?“, Craig Howie CNN

It’s important to acknowledge these cameras, even one speeding ticket will affect future auto insurance rates. Although the cameras have not been enforced nationally, they’ve slowly been creeping across the country. Driving at the posted speed limit will not only save you from spending on tickets, you’ll save on gas too!

We’ve all had the manic driver zoom up pushing us to go a few miles faster. Whether there’s a cop waiting down the block or a camera to flash your plates, you can never be sure. Follow the speed limits and you’ll reap the benefits.

Text and Drive? Companies are saying that's a no no.

Do you text and drive? Maybe you’re on your way to work updating your co-worker on the details of a big account. Or maybe you’re getting the directions for your saturday night out. More and more businesses are saying, “Not on our time!”

AMEC, a global engineering firm, banned cell phone usage while driving on company time. Bill Windory, an associate VP of safety for Nationwide Insurance noted:

“Early on, companies said, ‘Hey, phoning and driving is great. This will give us all kinds of increased productivity’… [However] now, we’re at a point where we better understand the risks involved.”  – ‘Can’t Talk Now’ by Maggie Jackson of the Boston Globe.

If you text and drive take into consideration the lives you are putting on the line. Pull off the road and stop to read your text or make that phone call. If you are distracted and hit another driver, or worse a pedestrian, you’ll not only have cost yourself in auto insurance premiums, you may have cost a life.


Drive safely.

Massachusetts: Not your grandfather's auto insurance market

The Metro Daily News captured a great quote from Frank Mancini, president and CEO of the Massachusetts Association of Insurance Agents, regarding the introduction of competition to the Massachusetts auto insurance market:

“It’s a big change for everyone.  We’ve had the same insurance system since the 1920s.”

An important point to remember; indeed, Massachusetts has embarked on an extremely large change and as a result, time will be needed to perfect the new system.

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