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Text and Drive? Companies are saying that's a no no.

Do you text and drive? Maybe you’re on your way to work updating your co-worker on the details of a big account. Or maybe you’re getting the directions for your saturday night out. More and more businesses are saying, “Not on our time!”

AMEC, a global engineering firm, banned cell phone usage while driving on company time. Bill Windory, an associate VP of safety for Nationwide Insurance noted:

“Early on, companies said, ‘Hey, phoning and driving is great. This will give us all kinds of increased productivity’… [However] now, we’re at a point where we better understand the risks involved.”  – ‘Can’t Talk Now’ by Maggie Jackson of the Boston Globe.

If you text and drive take into consideration the lives you are putting on the line. Pull off the road and stop to read your text or make that phone call. If you are distracted and hit another driver, or worse a pedestrian, you’ll not only have cost yourself in auto insurance premiums, you may have cost a life.


Drive safely.

Words of wisdom from Daily Times of Woburn

The Daily Times of Woburn ran a solid piece meant to be informative to residents of Woburn, Massachusetts, acknowledging that the introduction of competition to the Massachusetts auto insurance marketing does indeed make for more complex decisions for Massachusetts consumers.  But, put simply, it’s meant to ultimately benefit consumers. From The Daily Times:

Competition is designed to encourage insurance companies to offer their lowest possible premium to each driver.

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