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Free Events This May!

Shucking oysters

Who doesn’t love getting something for free?  Well good news, because all of these events are free this month!  If you’re looking for something to do but are a little short on funds or are trying to save up while still having a social life, we’ve found a few events taking place for free.  Celebrate the start of spring at any (or all) of these fun activities!

Franklin Park Kite And Bike Festival – Franklin Park is the largest greenspace in Boston, and on Saturday, May 18th you can head over for a free festival from 11 AM – 4 PM!  Bring your own kite or buy one at the park and show off your skills, free bike “rentals” are also available for those that do not have their own bike.  Spend a day of fun in the sun, there will be food trucks for lunch or pack your own picnic!  There will also be many vendors and activities for children such as face painting.  This is a perfect event to bring the whole family to, so get ready for a beautiful spring day of kites, bikes, and fun in the sun!

Furnace Brook Winery – Located at Hilltop Orchards in Richmond, Furnace Brook Winery offers free tastings of any one of their award winning wines!  Open daily from 9 AM – 5 PM, this winery has many options to choose from, and once you try one, you can try five more samples for only $5!  After your tasting session head into their general store for some cider donuts, scones, fruit pies, and much more.  If you’re still not tired, head for a stroll through the orchards or a hike along one of the many trails on the property!

Free Oyster Shucking Lesson – The North End Fish Market in Boston’s historic North End is a hidden gem if you are looking for a fun and affordable night on the town!  Every Saturday from 1 PM – 3 PM they offer free oyster shucking lessons, no reservations required!  The lesson itself is free but you do have to pay for what you shuck and eat.  This is the perfect activity to try right before summer, so take your lesson and then head for a stroll along the waterfront and take in the sea breeze!  Seafood and the ocean are the only two ingredients you need for a fun spring evening,  don’t wait to try this unique experience!

Dinosaur Footprints – Imagine walking through the wilderness among the dinosaurs?  While we can’t give you that, you can walk through Dinosaur Footprints in Holyoke, a reservation that has naturally preserved actual dinosaur footprints along the Connecticut River!  What better way to spend a sunny day this spring?  Stroll along the paths and observe over 130 tracks left behind by dinosaurs over 190 million years ago!  Researchers believe that these specific tracks were left behind by small groups of two-legged, carnivorous dinosaurs that were likely ancestors of the Tyrannosaurus Rex and you can see these historic wonders right here in Massachusetts!  Open daily from sunrise  to sunset, admission is free for all but it is recommended that you allow at least a half hour to walk the trail.

Which of these events will you be attending?  Since they’re free, there’s no reason you can’t try them all!

Photo by: New Amsterdam Market

Massachusetts Events This May


It’s finally starting to feel like spring outside, and to celebrate we’ve found some of the best events and festivals going on across the state this month!  After a chilly start to spring, the air is warming up and it’s the perfect time to head outside with a group of friends and family.  These outdoor events will have you coming down with a serious case of spring fever while you soak up the sun, so spread the word, sit back, and enjoy!

Treetop Xtreme Adventure – Become one with nature at this event, hosted by the Worcester Ecotarium!  Guests will get a combo ticket for the Tree Canopy Walkway and a Tree Climbing Expedition, where they will venture out 40 feet above the ground on rope and plank bridges while you move through tree platforms, and then zipline down to the forest floor!  Guests will then get to climb on of Worcester’s old-growth trees with harnesses and ropes, this expeditions will be led by trained tree climbers and participants are required to be at least 7 years of age.  This event is for one day only, and there would be four sessions that are one hour long, each session is limited to 8 participants.  Tickets are $30 per person, get them while they last!

Paradise City Arts Festival – Take a ride out west to Northampton for this spring arts festival!  This event has something for every member of the family including live entertainment, flowering sculpture garden, special exhibits, demonstrations, activities, delicious food, and exhibits from artists from 30 states selling their work.  This Festival takes place on Memorial Day weekend, May 25-27 , the hours are from 10 AM-6PM Saturday and Sunday, and from 10 AM-4 PM on Monday.  Admission is $12 for adults, $10 for seniors, $8 for students, and free for children 12 and under!  Stroll under the sun, take in some culture, and enjoy all that this artsy city has to offer!

Chesterwood Vintage Motorcar Festival –  The guys in your life will love this event, filled will dozens of collector vehicles, live entertainment, kid-friendly activities, and of course plenty of food from local restaurants, what’s not to like?  If antique cars aren’t your thing there are plenty of gardens and woodland walks on the property to explore!  The event will be held at historic Chesterwood in Stockbridge on May 26th from 10 AM – 4 PM, rain or shine.  Tickets are $15 for adults and children under 18 are free and can be bought in advance of the day of the event.  This is an extremely popular event and is often considered the kick-off to summer, don’t miss out!

Food Truck Festival – Known for their unique creations and low prices, food trucks are the latest craze when it comes to fast food, and now’s your chance to sample a wide variety of options!  The Food Truck Festival will be in Lexington, MA on Friday, May 31st from 5 PM-9 PM and will feature many different dinner options from food trucks and local restaurants.  Entry is free but you do have to pay for food of course.  There will be live entertainment from local band, the Arl-Lex Five & Dime, who will be performing folk, country, gospel, and some early rock & roll.  Now everyone in the family can eat exactly what they want for dinner, and you won’t have to be the one doing the cooking!

Which one of these events will you be attending to enjoy the warm weather?  All of these events are family friendly and are being held outdoors, so get out and about this month and enjoy the sunshine!

Photo By: Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism

Going Green On Your Daily Drive

green driving

In honor of Earth Day we wanted to talk about ways to go green while driving!  Earth Day celebrations are continuing all week, and this information is useful to know for the entire year!  While “go green” isn’t a phrase you would typically think of when you think of driving, there are ways you can decrease your carbon footprint while on the road.  The easiest thing to remember?  The less gas you use the less pollutants your vehicle will emit, making your drive more “green”.  Using less gas doesn’t necessarily mean driving less either!  These tips will keep you on the road to a greener Earth without making major changes to your daily life.

  • The best way to reduce the amount of gas you use is to drive a hybrid or electric vehicle.  They get much better mileage than typical vehicles and are specifically designed to be more fuel efficient and emit less toxins into the environment.  Unless you already have one of these vehicles, it’s pretty hard to utilize this tip, but if you’re due up for a new vehicle any time soon hybrid or electric vehicles are great options to consider!  Not only are they more eco-friendly, but they will also save you a lot of money on gas.
  • Avoid slamming on the gas or breaks.  These two extremes are gas guzzlers, the sudden burst of energy when you hit the brakes or accelerator can release major pollutants and eat up a lot of gas compared to easing on or off the pedals.
  • In the upcoming months it can get very warm here in the Bay State.  Although turning on the air conditioning while driving is a great option,  it uses up more gas than if you were to drive without it on.  If it’s not too hot, roll down the car windows and enjoy the breeze!
  • Get an E-ZPass!  If you are a frequent road tripper, there is no better accessory!  You’ll get to avoid the touch and go traffic that piles up while people are paying with cash, which will save you gas and wear and tear on your car.  It can save you a lot of time at tolls whether you are traveling cross country or live in Western Massachusetts and have to take the Pike every day.  It’s definitely a worth while investment for any driver.
  • Go the speed limit.  Speeding even a few miles over the posted limit can increase gas emissions and not to mention possibly get you a speeding ticket. Save your gas and money by following the law!
  • Download an app that updates driving routes based on traffic, such as Waze.  This app relies on consumer updates but is typically accurate even when it comes to the smallest details.  It will help you save time, money, and gas by avoiding traffic jams.  Who wouldn’t love that?
  • Utilize cruise control if you’re going to be keeping a steady speed and direction on the highway.  This will help to avoid acceleration and unnecessary gas usage, it can even help save up to 7% on gas according to

These tips are simple enough, right?  Such small changes can lead to major savings for your wallet and the environment!  Try some of these tips in honor of Earth Day, there’s nothing to lose, only to gain!

Photo By: Toyota Motor Europe

Be A Force Of Nature!


Did you know that we’re in the middle of National Severe Weather Preparedness Week?  Perfect timing considering this storm that’s currently hitting the east coast!  The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) partnered up to designate the week of March 3-9th as National Weather Preparedness week and are urging Americans to Be A Force Of Nature.

There are three steps to being a force of nature; first you need to know your risk.  Here in Massachusetts, our biggest risks are from snow and flooding.  Storms can have a major impact on families across the state; from losing power, to damage caused by the wind and flooding, there are many risks that come along with these storms we have here in Massachusetts!  Make sure you are checking the weather reports regularly as well, we all know how unpredictable the weather in New England can be.  Click here to find out how you can protect your family and be better prepared for emergencies!

The next step to being a force of nature is pledging to take action!  Sign the Pledge To Prepare and take the first step to making sure you and your family are prepared for severe weather in your area.  This pledge includes filling out your family communications plan, putting together an emergency kit, and keeping important valuables and papers in a safe place.  Another tip to keep in mind; make sure you have multiple ways to get weather alerts!  You should make sure that your phone is able to receive wireless emergency alerts and sign up for alerts from different emergency management officials.  You might also consider obtaining a battery-powered radio that you can listen to for updates if the power goes out.  You can sign up for email and SMS alerts from the National Weather Service and National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration here.

Finally, be an example!  Once you know your risk, and have taken the pledge to Be a Force of Nature, be an example!  This is the final step of being a force of nature and is arguably the most important.  Share your knowledge on any and all social media sites and let your friends know what you’re doing to prepare for upcoming storms!  Social media and today’s technology make it easier than ever to share our experiences and knowledge with friends and family, so spread the word!

Know your risk, take action, and be an example for friends and family!   Another way to prepare for a storm?  Give us a call at MassDrive and get a quote for homeowner’s and auto insurance! Extreme wind and flooding can cause major problems for you, your home, and your car so make sure you have the appropriate coverages in the event of any damage!  Achieving a Weather-Ready Nation is a major goal, but it’s possible with help from all of you!

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Give A Little, Get A Lot!


Ever feel like you want to volunteer or give back to your community but just don’t have time?  We all have busy schedules, managing friends, family, work, and finances; as busy as we get it’s still so important to remember those in need.  This month it’s easier than ever to help those that are less fortunate, and as always you will have a great time doing it!

Mustachio Bashio – Yes you read that right, head over to City Table in the Lenox Hotel on Wednesday, March 6th, for an event you won’t forget anytime soon!  For the past month, dedicated ‘stache growers have been growing out their beards/mustaches tirelessly, all in the name of charity.  Now’s your chance to join them for a night of drinks, food, and good times!  Tickets for the event itself are $50.00 and include live entertainment, complimentary drinks, and lite bites, however, if you want to do more than purchase a ticket to this event, you can sponsor one of the growers and whatever amount you donate will bring them that much closer to reaching their fundraising goal.  This event is hosted by Community Servings, and every $25 donated will feed a critically ill neighbor who is too sick to shop or cook for themselves or their families.  Not only are you giving back to those in need, you can enjoy a great event with food and friends!

Charity Date Auction – This event was originally scheduled for February 9th, but was later rescheduled to March 9th so the excitement  has been building for months!  Are you ready to meet your match?  Taking place at the Estate, one of Boston’s most happening party spots, this charity auction features Boston’s most eligible bachelors and bachelorettes!  Project Cupid is hosting this fourth annual auction, and proceeds benefit pediatric leukemia research at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute.  Dates aren’t the only thing that will be up for auction, sporting event tickets, signed memorabilia, hotel stays, and salon gift packages will also be offered for bids as well.  Whether you’re single or happily taken, stop by the Estate from 6PM – 9PM to support a good cause and have a great time!  Tickets are $20 and will be sold at the door.

Fashion Show To Benefit Big Sister Association – Alright ladies, grab your girlfriends and get your tickets to this fashion forward event benefitting a great cause!  Taking place at the Fairmont Copley Plaza on Tuesday, March 19th, this fashion show will feature Boston’s leading men walking the runway dressed by Classic Tuxedo, accompanied by models in Denise Hajjar’s Spring 2013 Collection.  There will be a cocktail reception from 6-7PM and the show itself will be from 7-9PM.  In addition to cocktails, there will also be hors d’oeuvres and auction prizes!  Tickets for this event are $250 each and although they are a bit pricey, it goes towards a wonderful cause, and you definitely don’t want to miss seeing Jason Varitek walk the runway!

Cookies For Kids – Stop by participating Panera Bread locations from March 18-31st and get one of their delicious Easter Egg Cookies!  10 cents for every Easter Egg cookie sold will be donated to Boston Children’s Hospital, so now you can get your sugar fix without feeling guilty!  This makes it easier than ever to do a little something special for others.  Maybe even pick up a dozen for your office, friends, and family.  Participating locations include Boston, Everett, Watertown, Saugus, Waltham, Dedham, Burlington, Hingham, Stoughton, Danvers, Hanover, and Plymouth.

These charities rely on donations from generous community members like yourselves to help others and you can be sure that your donation is going towards a worthy cause.  Grab your family, friends, co-workers and spread the word!

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Save At The Pump With These Gas Station Finder Apps!

gas station

I’m sure all of you have noticed the recent spike in prices at the pump.  We know that every penny counts, especially if you are a frequent driver which is why we’ve come up with a list of the top gas station finder apps!  Check these out and scroll through the listings of nearby stations until you find the best price available. Prices don’t appear to be changing any time soon (unless they keep going up) so download one of these apps and start saving!

GasBuddy – If you’re against paying for a gas app, this is the one for you.  GasBuddy has all of the typical components of a gas app, it utilizes the GPS in your smartphone to determine your location and the location of gas stations in your area.  It lists the gas prices and also lists any amenities at the station such as bathrooms, pay at pump, and food.  You can sort your search results by price or by distance if you’re simply looking for the closest station.  Once you select the station you want to visit, you can get directions to the gas station via the iOS’s built-in Maps app.  Users can create accounts with this app and update prices and amenities of the gas stations in the area.  This is a great resource, however, updates are not always timely or accurate and sometimes nearby gas stations are missing from the list all together.

SmartFuel – This is one of the best gas station finder apps out there, IF you are willing to pay.  You do get a free 30 day trial with this app, but after the 30 days is up you need to subscribe to the service, which ranges from $4.99 for 6 months, to $14.99 for 24 months.  While the price can be a turn off, if you subscribe for 24 months that only costs about 62 cents per month.  If you’re a frequent driver you will likely save more than that by using the app anyway!  Reviews describe this app as being highly accurate, and drivers can even bookmark their routes to make the search process easier.  The listings even have the prices for all types of gas at the station, whether it be regular, mid-grade, premium unleaded, diesel, or E85 ethanol.  If you’re willing to pay, this app could save you big bucks in the long run.

Fuel Finder – Fuel Finder has the same features mentioned in the apps above; nearby stations based on GPS, directions to these gas stations, and pricing of course.  Nearby stations are displayed in a list or as nearby points on a map, and you can search up to 10 miles away.  Fuel Finder does have a very unique feature called “On Fumes” which really sets it apart from other apps.  This feature is something you can utilize when you’re running extremely low on gas.  You simply tap the “On Fumes” button and it will provide you with directions to the nearest gas station regardless of price, and also provides a directory with phone numbers to helpful services such as AAA and insurance company help lines.  While you don’t have to subscribe, you do have to pay a one time fee of $2.99 to download the app.  While it does have occasional errors and sometimes fails to list certain gas stations it is typically reliable and the “On Fumes” feature is something you won’t find in other apps.

RoadAhead – Not only does this app provide you with listings for the nearest gas stations sorted by price, but it also lists nearby hotels, rest stops, and restaurants!  If you’re on a long drive, this app will definitely come in handy if you’re looking for a snack or need to use the restroom.  The app typically relies on GPS to locate you, however if you can’t get a signal you can select the state you’re in, the highway you’re on, and the next exit.  Some complaints about this app are that the GPS sometimes fails and there are occasional crashes.  If you can deal with that, then this app is a great resource whether you are driving cross country or just on a day trip to the beach.  The best part?  It’s free!

Once you decide which app is right for you, download it and hit the road!  All of these apps will help you find the nearest gas station, or you can sort through them by price.  Whichever one you choose, you will definitely be thankful you have it when you need to fill up!

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Fun February Vacation Ideas!

coco keys

February vacation week is here!  For all of you parents that are about to enter panic mode don’t worry; we’ve come up with a bunch of fun activities that your kids will love to do over their vacation!  Whether you get to spend a little extra time with them this week, or if you have to work while they get to play, these activities will keep them laughing and staying out of trouble, what more can you ask for?

Amesbury Sports Park – What kid doesn’t enjoy playing in the snow? Take the kids over to Amesbury Sports Park this week for a fun-filled day of snow tubing!  They even have special school vacation hours and will be open from 10 AM – 9PM, February 16th – March 2nd and will be open from 9 AM – 7 PM on March 3rd.   A 3 hour tubing pass is $24 and a 5 hour pass is $32 so by the end of the day your little ones will definitely be tuckered out.  After a day on the slopes stop by the Corner Kick Pub for some pizza and hot chocolate!

CoCo Key Water Resort – Take a drive to the CoCo Key Water Resort in Fitchburg and spend the day pretending it’s summer vacation!  Tickets are going fast but there are still day passes available ($30 each) for next weekend!  If you’re a night owl you can get a “Twilight Pass” for $20 and swim from 4PM- 9PM any day this week!  Who wouldn’t love splashing the day away inside their 84 degree water park?  The 55,000 sq foot park includes three 40-ft tube slides, an adventure river, indoor/outdoor spa, activity pool, and much more!  The park has activities that are suitable for children of all ages and even has an arcade.  Grab your flip flops, pack up the kids, and get your tickets while they last!

Basketball Hall Of Fame – The sports fan(s) in your family will love this outing.  Take a drive to Springfield this week and check out the Basketball Hall of Fame!  There are exciting events going on each day this week in honor of February vacation including  a performance from Ilze Luneau and her daughters who have displayed their skills on The Ellen Degeneres Show, Jay Leno, and ESPN!  You can check out the full program here.  Besides the special evens, the Hall of Fame is home to 40,000 sq feet of basketball history and features interactive exhibits, live clinics, and shooting contests so your superstar will be busy for hours.  Tickets are $19 for adults, $15 for seniors (ages 65 and above), $14 for children (ages 5-15), and free for children under 4.  The Hall of Fame is open until 4PM weeknights this week so get there early and be sure you have enough time to see everything!

Sky Zone – This is every kids’ dream!  A place where the floor and walls are lined with trampolines, where kids and adults alike can bounce around all day and maybe even play a game of 3-D dodgeball!  Why not try a SkyRobics fitness class or take part in open jump?  Whether your children are younger or teenagers they will definitely enjoy a day at Sky Zone and the best part is that they have multiple locations.  Located in Everett, Boston, and Providence, RI, Sky Zone is conveniently located within driving distance for all Massachusetts residents.  Take a drive to one of their locations today, your children will be entertained for hours!

Keep these exciting locations in mind when coming up with ideas for February vacation week activities!  These events will appeal to children of all ages and tickets are going fast so get yours while you still can!

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Hosting A Superbowl Party? Keep These Tips In Mind!

Yes we know the Superbowl won’t be the same this year without the Patriots, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still party does it?  Even though us Bay Staters may not care as much as we normally would about the game, that doesn’t mean we can’t throw a Superbowl party that our friends will be talking about for years.  Where to start you ask?  Well there are a few key components of a party to keep in mind and we’ve outlined the following tips that will ensure your party is a success:

  • Seating – You definitely want to make sure that all of your guests have a place to sit and watch the game once they arrive.   Guests will most likely mingle and chat during commercials but their main focus will be the game itself so arrange the seats in a way that everyone has a clear view of the TV.
  • Food – Food is probably the most important staple of a Superbowl party, besides the TV and game itself.  Superbowl parties are notorious for unhealthy but delicious snacks that are favorites with party-goers.  Finger foods are definitely the best bet because they are easier to grab off of a plate, and guests can sample a little bit of everything without getting too full.  Of course you’re going to have your classic junk food such as chips and salsa, dips, wings, cookies, and brownies, which are all fan favorites, however, don’t forget about your guests that are trying to stay healthy and pick up a veggie platter.  You also want to make sure that you keep any allergies in mind, if one of your guests gets sick after eating it can change the mood of the celebration pretty quickly.
  • Crock Pot – This will seriously come in handy on game day if you have one.  This is perfect for keeping dips or even meatballs warm throughout the entire game.  If you know your guests will be snacking a certain dish, prepare it in a crock pot so that you can keep it warm for the whole party!
  • Drinks – Who (age 21 and up) doesn’t love an ice cold beer on Superbowl Sunday?  Beer is another Superbowl staple for adults and you can bet that any hardcore football fans won’t want to miss a second of the game to refill their drink.  Keep a cooler in the living room with the guests so that they can easily grab a refill without missing a play.  If you’re going to serve alcohol, you should also be serving waters and non alcoholic beverages for the minors and designated drivers at the party as well.
  • Games – Games are a great way to bring friends together and encourage a little healthy competition.  That’s why organizing some football related games to bet on is a great way to entertain guests.  Football squares are very popular and if you have enough people to  buy them it makes the game much more exciting.
  • Clean Up – It’s inevitable that there will be spills at a Superbowl Party.  We would definitely suggest keeping some towels and cleaning products on hand in the living room to quickly clean spills and get at stains before they set in.
  • Safety – This is top priority for game day.  As a host, you want to make sure that all of your guests are staying safe and partying responsibly.  Make sure that each person leaving your house is either sober or has a designated driver.  The last thing you want is for a friend or family member to get into a drunk driving accident on their way home because they had too much to drink at your house.  Not only will you feel guilty, but you can also be sued and considered responsible for the accident since you were providing the alcohol.  Stay safe and party responsibly this year!  Designate a driver if you plan on drinking and hosts do not let anyone drive themselves home if they are intoxicated.

If you stick with us and follow these tips, your party will be the best on the block!  Grab some food, friends, and drinks this weekend and prepare to celebrate but remember to enjoy safely!

Photo By: Kid’s Birthday Parties

Staying Warm This Winter!

These past few days have left a lot of us shell shocked, even as tough New Englanders we still have trouble adjusting to below freezing temperatures each winter.  If you have to be outside for an extended period of time, definitely keep these tips in mind!  They will help keep you warm whether you are walking a few blocks to work or outside shoveling for an hour!

  • Dress In Layers – Bundle up out there!  Dressing in 3-4 layers will definitely help you fight off that wind chill.  The last thing you want is to rush around outside and start sweating, only to slow down and have your sweat make you colder.  Here in Boston, this is a pretty common occurance if you’re rushing for the T and then get crammed into a tiny car full of people only before being thrust back outside into the frigid air.  So, what can you do to prevent this?  When you get dressed and are choosing a bottom layer to wear, go for a fabric that wicks away sweat, such as silk or polypropylene.  These will help you stay dry and therefore warm!
  • Take A Hot Drink For The Road – If possible, try to either prepare a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to take with you, or buy one before you head outside.  It can get pretty chilly out there and a hot beverage will warm you up on the inside and keep your hands warm!  Kills two birds with one stone and (hopefully) tastes great.
  • Wear A Hat – Did you know that the majority of your body heat escapes through your head?  Make sure you have a warm hat to wear on these cold winter days so that you can conceal as much body heat as possible!  It’s also important to be sure your hat covers your ears since they are vulnerable to frostbite!
  • Gloves And Socks – Even though the majority of your body heat escapes from your head, you can lose a lot of heat from your hands and feet as well!  Not to mention the fact that they are typically the first body parts to be susceptible to frostbite.  Try to find some thick, wool socks to wear on days like this, even leg warmers are back in style so don’t hesitate to break them out if you have a pair!  In terms of gloves, make sure they are water proof.  This will ensure that your hands stay dry and if you don’t need to use your fingers, definitely go for mittens over gloves since they are much warmer!  If you do wear gloves, look into the ones that allow you to use your smartphone while wearing them.  Not only are they wicked cool, they are also practical!  How many times have you tried to make a call on your way out of work, only to find that you need to take off your gloves to do it?  Not only is it an inconvenience, it’s also dangerous in weather this cold!
  • Hand And Foot Warmers – These are available at most sports stores and even some convenience stores such as Walgreens.  They are disposable packets that you can put inside your shoes or pockets and they provide serious heat for up to 7-10 hours.   You can even buy them in bulk online (Amazon has great deals) if you want to stock up for the whole season.

We want all of our customers and Massachusetts residents to stay warm and safe this winter!  Keep these tips in mind next time you have to venture out into the frigid New England air.  No one enjoys this cold weather, but with these tips we can beat it together and get through yet another winter in the Bay State!

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Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution!

Well we’re halfway through the first month of the New Year and we want to know, how are you all doing with your resolutions?  Have you fallen off the wagon already or are you still powering along?  If you’re having trouble sticking to your resolutions for the new year or just need some positive reinforcement, we’ve come up with a few tips to keep you motivated and get you one step closer to reaching your goals!

  • Limit the number of resolutions you make.  You can only do so much and make so many changes in one year, so it’s best to stick with 2 or 3 new goals, any more than that would probably get a tad overwhelming.
  • Be realistic, don’t set unreasonable goals that are nearly impossible to achieve.  You don’t want to start off the new year by automatically setting yourself up for failure.  For example, if you want to make more money, don’t start off the new year by saying you want to become a millionaire.  Instead, make a plan to find a better job that would lead to a pay raise, or try taking a second job if need be.  Whatever you do, pick a resolution that you can plan ahead for and outline the steps you’ll take to achieve that goal.
  • Make a step by step plan to reach your resolution.  Starting small and outlining changes to make in your daily life sets a reasonable goal for yourself and makes your resolution that much more attainable.  Say you want to work out more often and lose some weight, get specific and outline the nights of the week and times that you want to hit the gym and set a resonable goal for the amount of pounds you want to lose.  Or if you want to get better at sports, make a plan to practice more with your teammates or find times to work out on your own.
  • Talk about it!  By filling in your friends and family on your resolution for the new year, they can help keep you motivated and become your support system!  If you don’t talk about your resolution with others, you won’t feel any shame if you don’t stick with it, but when others are asking about it and you have to answer to them as well, it can help keep you on the right track!
  • Track your progress!  Keep a journal, write a blog, or just keep sharing your updates via social media, whatever you do, writing down your progress is another way to keep you motivated!  When you can actually see the progress and improvements you’re making on paper, it’s that much more empowering and all the more reason to keep up the good work!  Not to mention sharing your progress via social media opens you up for feedback and positive well wishes from your friends and family!
  • Reward yourself!  If you’re seeing progress and have been successful in your resolution(s) thus far, there’s no harm in rewarding yourself!  You don’t have to reward yourself with something that contradicts your resolution though.  Say you wanted to get in better shape and lose some weight, if you’ve been successful so far then don’t head for the cookies as a reward, instead, why not treat yourself to a new outfit that highlights your success?

Sticking to your resolution can be tough, but hopefully with these tips you will be one step closer to achieving your goals for the new year!  Keep these hints in mind next time you’re tempted to fall off the wagon, even if your resolution doesn’t pan out at first, there’s no reason why you can’t start over again at any point in the year!

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