Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley goes public with criticism of the Massachusetts Department of Insurance’s rate comparison site.  According to Coakley, the site provides Massachusetts Auto Insurance consumers with inaccurate rates.  It’s very important to note, however, that Coakley is not critical of comparison sites in general, but of the rates that the DOI displays.

‘The Web site as it is currently maintained is not only not helpful, it’s misleading,’ Coakley said at a news conference on the day the state switched to a system in which auto insurers, rather than the regulators, set rates for the first time in three decades.

The site advises consumers actual quotes from insurers ‘may differ significantly’ from the samples. Coakley said those warnings don’t make up for the fact that the sample quotes frequently don’t reflect the rate an insurer would actually offer an individual.

Thankfully, there are other additional comparison sites that area available for consumers to use for Massachusetts Auto Insurance purchases.