On its editorial pages,the Worcester Telegram & Gazette tackles the question of whether or not the auto appeals board is truly obsolete due to the introduction of managed competition in Massachusetts:

The system could be cumbersome, to be sure. However, it remains to be seen whether its replacement — an at-fault review process conducted by the insurer — will be more expeditious or consumer friendly.

One notable point is also stated by the Telegram & Gazette:

Ms. Burnes promises to monitor the change and “issue further guidance” as needed. If the company-driven reviews fail to meet expectations, a prompt return to the appeals system should be among the options in play.

It’s good to know that Insurance Commissioner Nonnie S. Burnes is open to reverting back to the old system and reestablish the appeals board, should this new approach fail. At MassDriver.org, we covered the end of the Massachusetts auto appeals board previously. Be sure to check back here for further updates!