Driver side car break-in, Safeguard anti-theft notice with broken glass, so much for Toyota Security, all thief had to do is break the window, Llandover Park, North Seattle, Washington, USA

Now that we’ve listed our top picks for the best GPS, it’s time to talk about protecting your navigation system. GPS systems are  expensive which makes them a valuable target for thieves. We’ve found some of the tops tips out there for GPS protection, and here are the best:

GPS systems have significantly increased the instances of car break-ins across the country. With a street value of about $100-$150, they are very easy to sell which makes them appealing to thieves who are looking for a quick buck. FBI statistics show there were nearly 5,500 reports of GPS thefts in 2007. In 2008 it was more than 31,000. Those numbers should encourage all GPS owners to bring their systems inside regardless of how safe they believe their neighborhood is. Thieves are also more likely to strike in areas with a high population such as a crowded parking lot in a school, mall, apartment complex, etc. This makes cities such as Boston a prime target as there are many cars lined up together and it is easier and faster for potential thieves to scope out targets. Be especially conscious of these locations and try to park in well-lit areas whenever possible.

Nowadays GPS systems are extremely popular and considered to be a necessity by many drivers, and unfortunately their popularity is another factor that makes them more appealing to thieves. According to GPS tracking manufacturer, LandAirSea, about 7 out of 10 drivers use a GPS system so thieves are willing to try their luck and search many different cars for these valuable devices. GPS systems have also been reported as one of the top ten items stolen from vehicles. Unfortunately, their street value and availability are what make them such appealing items to steal.

Thieves will typically target any car, but those with GPS systems that are visible are especially easy targets since they know they will definitely walk away with something. The best thing to do is bring your GPS inside or at least put it in the dashboard (although this is an obvious hiding spot). However, even if they can’t see it, if a thief believes you have a GPS in your car they may be tempted to smash your window and look inside the car, and replacing a car window can be more expensive than the GPS itself. Don’t leave any hints that you have anything valuable in the car, so put away the charger, stand, and if your GPS has a suction cup that clings to the window, clean off the ring it leaves around the windshield to hide any and all signs of your GPS. Taking these preventative measures should eliminate all signs of your GPS and give would-be thieves no reason to suspect you have valuables inside your car.

Having a visible GPS or any signs of such a device makes you an easy target for thieves, which can be a scary thought! Make sure to utilize these GPS safety tips next time you are out, parking in well lit areas or taking the extra minute to pack up your GPS and bring it inside can make all the difference! Consider renters insurance to cover your belongings, possibly including your GPS. Talk to a MassDrive agent today about how a renters policy might help protect you from theft.