By: Madison Hennig

You wake up Saturday morning to a blanket of snow on the ground, and it looks like more is to come. You could spend the whole day in bed, but why do that when you could plan a weekend full of fun winter activities? Sledding and skiing are options for some, but we’ve come up with other ideas that may not be on your radar.

1] Make some comfort food. Eating warm chili, mac and cheese or homemade cookies can make the weather seem not as bone-chilling. 

2] Get cozy. Light your fireplace if you have one, wrap yourself in your warmest blanket (we recommend heated and weighted blankets) and maybe read a book!

3] Have a movie marathon. Invite your friends over (should the weather permit them to travel) or get through some classics on your own! Making popcorn for the occasion is a must.

4] Channel your inner child and build a snowman. Go all out with your family or friends and judge each other’s creations. The best builder gets extra hot chocolate.

5] Clean out your closets and cabinets. Take advantage of any canceled events by doing some housekeeping. If you have clothes you don’t wear anymore, put them in a bin to thrift and donate, or clear your pantry of any old snacks that can be thrown out (there’s probably a lot). 

6] Look through old pictures. Winter weekends can create a feeling of nostalgia, so pull out the photo albums and revisit your favorite memories.