Massachusetts texting and driving

New iZUP Application Prevents Distracted Driving

A new technology has arrived to increase driving safety by restricting cell phone use behind the wheel. The clever iZUP (i.e. “eyes up”) application, developed by Illume Software, was created to help eliminate distracted driving. Recent legislation banning texting and driving holds the potential for strict fines and possible license suspensions if caught. Applications restricting phone use behind the wheel may be answer for parents and employers and necessary step for the texting-addicts.

iZUP technology includes the following features to aid in reducing distracted driving:

  • Preventing outgoing text messages, e-mails and phone calls while driving
  • sending incoming calls to voicemail and holding text messages when the vehicle is in motion
  • Prohibiting web browsing and application use while driving
  • Providing password-protected passenger override
  • Allowing three authorized phone numbers (i.e. home, employer, etcetera)
  • Allowing one authorized application (i.e. navigation/ gps)
  • Making emergency 911 quick dial available at all times
  • Automatically unblocking all calls after a 911 call
  • Tamper alert send to an account holder when the user (child or possibly employee) attempts to disable iZUP
  • Sending notification of 911 call to account holder with a map shoving call location and time

More information about iZUP can be found on the provider’s website:


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Kicking the Habit: Texting & Driving

The Massachusetts texting ban is to take effect October 1st and some drivers have already had difficulty trying to quit. Many texting addicts have already tried to start prying their fingers from a cell phone while driving, here are a few tips on how to keep yourself from the buttons while behind the wheel:

  • Place your phone out of sight or at least arms reach in places like the glove box. If you’re a true texting addict, the trunk may be your phone’s ultimate safe haven.
  • Turn the texting notification tone to silent to ease your texting temptation.
  • If you can still see the screen light up when the ringer is on silent, turn your phone off.
  • Read your directions a couple times before hitting the road, this way you’ll be familiar with the route & have to pull over fewer times to check those texted directions.
  • Two words: designated texter. If you have a friend in the car, have them text for you!
  • Make the ultimate realization that the text message will still be there when you park. Lo and behold, it will say the same thing it did 5, 10 or 20 minutes ago when your phone received it.

Happy and safe driving everyone!

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