Late at night you drive home alone on the road. A bright flash comes from behind. you check the rearview mirror, still no one behind you. You think this odd but continue on your way. Some time later you’re reading through your mail and find a speeding ticket for that night.

According to Russ Rader of the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety, speed cameras are used in 48 communities nationwide, including areas of Massachusetts.

Giving the surveillance a whole police squad can not preform every hour of the day, the hope is our roads will be safer. According to the IIHS, “speed cameras ‘can substantially reduce speeding on a wide range of roadway types.'”

-“Speed Cameras on U.S. Highways?“, Craig Howie CNN

It’s important to acknowledge these cameras, even one speeding ticket will affect future auto insurance rates. Although the cameras have not been enforced nationally, they’ve slowly been creeping across the country. Driving at the posted speed limit will not only save you from spending on tickets, you’ll save on gas too!

We’ve all had the manic driver zoom up pushing us to go a few miles faster. Whether there’s a cop waiting down the block or a camera to flash your plates, you can never be sure. Follow the speed limits and you’ll reap the benefits.