With the current problem of roads deteriorating and state funds continuing to decline, something must be done. Nothing is set in stone, but Massachusetts is looking into a mileage tax programthat is currently being tested in Oregon. The concept is credited to Intelligent Transportation Systems in Washington DC. Scott Belcher, the CEO of the company believes their new technology is the solution to the country’s transportation problems.

The program would provide a way to tax drivers based on the amount 0f mileage driven versus increasing gas tax.  If the gas tax is increased, individuals who drive gas efficient vehicles will be affected less, and those who drive standard vehicles will make up for the savings of the gas efficient cars.

The proposed program would require that all vehicles install a GPS chip that would track distance traveled.   All gas stations would be fitted with wireless electronic readers to record mileage.  When filling up, the electronic reader would calculate the tax and apply it to the gas bill.

Senator Brown has already spoke up against this new form of taxation but only time will tell if there is a future for mileage tax in Massachusetts.