Home invasion is a very real danger and can put both your home and family at risk.  There are certain things burglars look for when choosing a house to break in to, but luckily there are precautions that you can take to deter burglars from targeting your home.

  • Invest in an alarm system.  They can monitor your home 24/7 and there’s no better feeling than knowing you and your family are safe.  At the very least find an alarm company sign to put up on your lawn, even if you do not have an actual alarm system, the sign may be enough to ward off any potential burglars and convince them that your home is not an easy target.
  • Lock all doors and windows.  This should go without saying, but people leave doors and windows unlocked all the time because they think they live in a safe neighborhood.  Regardless of how safe your neighborhood may be, you still need to lock your doors and windows every night and whenever you leave the house.  Leaving them unlocked makes your home a very easy target, if thieves try to break in and your doors are locked, they’re most likely going to move on.
  • Use light sensors.  These are a huge deterrent for burglars because they don’t want to have a light shining down on them and risk being seen.  Having light sensors at all doors and even along walkways is a great defense against these prowlers.
  • Secure your garage.  Garage doors without windows are ideal, but if you have a garage with windows, make sure they are covered with newspaper.  You don’t want burglars to be able to tell whether you’re home or not or see any valuables you may have inside.
  • Keep valuables out of sight.  Having valuables outside such as bikes, or expensive items such as a big screen TV or expensive computer visible through the window makes your home a target.  Take all toys inside or put them in the garage, and consider rearranging expensive items so they are not visible through the windows, or at least make sure the blinds are drawn.
  • Make it seem like you’re home.  Did you know that break-ins are most common during the day when people are at work?  Leave on a light or two and maybe even the TV so it appears as if someone is home even if you’re not.
  • Don’t leave a spare key outside.  Burglars know typical hiding spots such as under the mat or under a flower pot, and even if you think you’ve put the key in a secure spot, burglars often case areas they are interested in and may see you retrieve it.  Your best bet is to give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or friend who lives near by.
  • Trim trees and shrubs.  Tall trees or thick shrubs are perfect spots for burglars to hide without being seen.  Keep them trimmed so that it’s not easy for them to hide behind, and try to leave walkways and driveways free of shrubs and trees so that they are completely visible and you can see anyone who approaches.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  If you’re friendly with your neighbors, they may be more likely to notice any unfamiliar visitors outside.  Strangers will stick out to them and if they notice anything suspicious, they can alert you or the police.

These tips can make all the difference when it comes to protecting your home.  These easy adjustments can save you a lot of potential trouble and will set your mind at ease so keep them in mind and stay alert!

Photo By: Eva Luedin