Mass drivers

Protect Yourself Against Mass Auto Theft

Great news for Massachusetts metropolitan drivers, auto thefts decreased by 11.5 percent over the last couple years. However this does not mean Mass drivers should leave their car doors unlocked. The most-Stolen vehicle in Massachusetts last year was the 1995 Honda Civic. (Auto Thefts Down in Mass., U.S. in ’08, by Craig M Douglas)

Ways for Massachusetts drivers to avoid auto theft:

  • park in well lit areas
  • lock the car doors and roll up the windows
  • if you have valuables in the car, place them out of sight
  • consider installing an alarm system
  • double check your auto insurance policy

Although theft rates have decreased, please use your common sense and drive/ park safely.

Summer and construction..

Summer season is here again! This means one thing… so is construction season.

Massive pile ups and countless detours plague the roads. Massachusetts roads crumbled until Gov. Deval Patrick signed a $2 billion emergency transportation bond, starting hundreds of previously under-funded projects. 

With additional funding: “Massachusetts will see about $115 million projects this summer, compared with $92 million last year.” – Roadway Headaches by Elaine Thompson

With this much construction in Massachusetts this summer you’re bound to drive through it sometime. When traveling through the work zones drive carefully. Fines double in work zones, and the constant construction may change the road’s drivability and sometimes direction. Save yourself a few bucks on tickets, car insurance, and accident’s medical bills, drive safely.

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