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Beverly RMV Closing, Danvers Express Branch Opening

The Beverly Registry of Motor Vehicles branch will be closing this Friday January 23rd.  A new express branch opening Monday, January 25th in the Danvers Liberty Tree Mall will replace this location. Eight of the Beverly employees will transfer to the new Danves branch while the remaining employees transfer to other local branches. The new express branch will handle all registry transactions it has in the past with the exception of road and permit tests as well as suspension hearings.

The Massachusetts RMV experienced 13 million dollars in budget cuts this past year. In an effort to accommodate this severe decrease in funding itwas announced last July 11 branches would close. In the plan to close these branched the RMV recognized the need to continue serving Massachusetts drivers. In response to this need 5 new locations will be opened in state owned buildings ing an expected 1.7 million dollars on rent alone.

In an effort to reduce spending the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles has also made many services available online. Giving drivers the convenience of accessing many documents and processing payments on their own time schedule and without having to stand in line! The Massachusetts RMV has even allowed residents to renew their license online for every other renewal period. For license renewals a driver will only have to visit the RMV every 10 years for an updated license photo.

The newest addition the Registry of Motor Vehicle’s online accessis the easy and expedient access  to accident reports. If a police officer is not present at the scene of an accident and damages are more than $1,000 or is someone is injured those involved in the accident are required to submit a police report to the Massachusetts RMV. The previously time consuming search for an accident report and the pain of waiting for a certified record to be mailed will be no more. With the new online system the RMV will be able to process a request for an accident report within 24 hours of of the record beingfound and may also be sent by e-mail. The express branch looks promising, let’s hope for few hiccups in the big move this weekend!

Keep Insurance Rates Low

Q: What’s the easiest way to keep low insurance rates?

A: With a clean drivers record.

Not only will you need to pay that speeding ticket, you’ll be paying for it the next couple years on your auto insurance. Insurance companies determine your rates in part by what kind of a driver you are. If you’re a safe driver with no citations, an insurance company sees you as a low risk to insure. If you’re a road-raging multi-major-accident driver, the insurance company may view you a little differently.

Massachusetts determines the magnitude of driving violations with surchargeable points. For example, a major accident will count more points than a 5 mile over speeding ticket. Take a look at how Massachusetts classifies your driving violations:

Surchargeable Incident Surcharge Points
Major Traffic Violation (i.e., D.U.I.)


Major At-Fault Accident (claim over $2,000)


Minor At-Fault Accident (claim over $500 to $2,000)


Minor Traffic Violation (i.e., speeding)


Each citation adds more than just a few bucks on to your insurance. Avoid these hefty points with safe driving: allow  extra traveling time, drive defensively, and buckle up. Your check book will thank you.

Massachusetts RMV makes your driving record available online!

The Massachusetts RMV announced today that your driving records are now just a click away, according to The Boston Globe.

Drivers can view their record onscreen and download it for $6, or they can pay $20 for a certified copy that will be sent to them by mail.

Copies of driving records are required as a condition of employment by some businesses or in any court matter involving motor vehicle violations, the Registry said.

Looks like a big win for drivers in improving the RMV’s easy-of-use. Let MassDriver know how easy or difficult you find the RMV’s new system.

Check out the Massachusetts RMV’s site!

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