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Perfect Car Gift Ideas Right In Time For Christmas!

For all of you trying to squeeze in some last minute shopping before Christmas, have you thought about getting some car related gifts for your loved ones?  Many of us (especially the men in our lives) love our cars.  It’s not too often that people get to splurge and deck out their ride, especially when everyone is so busy decking the halls this time of year.  Why not pick out one of these items for the car lover in your life, it’s a nice thought and they will be sure to think of you (in a good way), next time they go out for a drive!

Emergency Kit – This idea is practical and easy to make on your own if you don’t want to risk ordering it and not having it delivered in time for Christmas.  There are many different great brands available on Amazon and it is convenient having a kit already put together, but if you want to guarantee that it will be here in time for Christmas then why not build your own?  The majority of these items can be found at your local hardware store and typically include; a reflective vest, first aid kid, jumper cables, roadside flares, blanket, flashlight with extra batteries, all in one screwdriver, bungee cord, extra quart of oil, tire pressure gauge, duct tape, a pocket knife, and some bottled water and energy bars should you get stranded for a while.  This is something every driver should have in their car and the recipient will definitely be glad they have it should they break down this winter!

Phone Gadgets – These days, people use their phones for everything!  Directions, music, and of course communicating with friends and family are a must, and there are so many cool accessories out there that make it easier than ever!  One great item that anyone would love is an iPod or MP3 Player Car Connector, it allows drivers to plug this device into their car and then connect it to their iPod or MP3 player and enjoy their own music without having to sit through commercials on the radio!  There are many different types of adapters, for older cars, the easiest one to use is most likely a cassette adapter which is put into a tape player like a tape, and has a cord that connects to the audio jack on your listening device.  There are many additional options for newer cars that do not have a cassette player, and BestBuy has a great selection of adapters that would work for all cars and MP3 players.  Another great gift idea?  A docking station that allows drivers to mount their phone on their dashboard lets drivers to keep their phone in view and easily accessible, BestBuy has a great selection of these as well.

GPS – This is something that every car owner should have!  You never know when you may find yourself headed down a dark unfamiliar road, and in that situation you would definitely want to avoid getting lost and driving in circles.  This would also be a great gift if you know someone who is moving or going away to college in a different state.  Some of the most popular brands are Garmin, TomTom, and Magellan and prices typically range from $100-$200 although there are some that are more expensive and have advanced features.  This article from CNet outlines the top 5 GPS navigation devices on the market this year and details their features and benefits which makes your research much easier!

Accessories – We know that guys are not exactly concerned with picking out the perfect belt or watch to wear out on Friday night, but when it comes to cars they love accessories as much as the ladies so you can’t go wrong with some car bling this year.  Why not grab some classic sheepskin seat covers or a steering wheel cover?  Floor mats are also a great gift to help keep the car clean.  You can usually find them with some type of design on them if you so desire, and guys will love the selection of sport-themed floor mats that you can find on  They have mats with the logos from the NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA and even Military themed mats.

You can’t go wrong with any of these gifts, all of them are practical and easy to use, even for those that aren’t so tech savvy.  These are also great options for last minute gifts if you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, so get out to the stores and finish up that holiday shopping before time runs out!

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Beat The Summer Heat And Keep Your Car Cool With These Awesome Accessories!

These past few days we have experienced some serious humidity here in Massachusetts.  Walking to your car in the blazing sun can be rough enough, and once you get there the inside of the car is usually hotter than it was outside.  So how can you keep your car cool when temperatures are on the rise? An air conditioner is great once you are inside the car, but they do take a few minutes to kick in and keeping your car cool in the first place will make it much more pleasant when you initially begin your drive.  There are plenty of accessories for cars that can help keep them cool, and luckily most of them are very affordable.  Check out these following items that will definitely come in handy when it comes to beating the heat!

Window Deflectors – Ever been stuck in a car with no air conditioner?  That alone can be rough especially if you are sitting in traffic and there’s not much of a breeze.  If it starts raining that can really make things worse, your choices are either get soaked with the windows down or swelter and stay dry with the windows up.  Window deflectors, also known as rain guards offer the perfect solution.  They stick to the top of car windows and prevent rain from getting inside the car even if you have the windows down. Prices vary based on the model of your vehicle, but most window deflectors range from $40-$70.  AutoAnything is great site with many different options and they offer free shipping on 99% of their products!  Since window deflectors vary in size and shape based on different vehicle models, it is unlikely that you would be able to find one in a store so this is a great option!

Sun Shade – We’ve all seen cars with these gigantic shades across the windshield, and although they are kind of goofy looking, they really are effective in keeping the car’s interior cool.  The best part?  They are one of the most affordable things you can buy for your car, you can find them on Amazon for as little as $4.99!  Amazon is a great site because they literally have everything you could imagine for sale and the products are constantly changing so there is always a new selection!  Sizes can vary, so be sure to check which ones are available.  Reading the customer reviews is a great resource because they will definitely give you an honest opinion and tell you the pros and cons of your potential purchase.  There are also some custom sun shades available which are a bit more expensive but worth it if you want to ensure that your windshield is completely shielded from the sun.  If you want to have some fun with your purchase check out the various colorful designs that are available as well!

Seat Covers – Leather seats are considered a luxury, but sitting in a car with leather seats can be painful in the summer.  Leather will get much hotter than velour seats, especially if it is black leather.  A simple (and stylish) solution are seat covers!  They last for years and come in various designs that protect the upholstery in your car while also preventing your legs from sticking to the seats!  ShearComfort is a seat cover retailer where you can search for seat covers based on the make of the car or by style.  You can have a lot of fun with the various designs and materials such as sheepskin, hawaiian, velour, animal print, and neoprene.  All of their seat covers are custom and made from high quality fabrics.  They are also washable and very easy to install without any special tools.  This company has been in business for 29 years and guarantee the lowest price on their merchandise.  Prices vary based on the vehicle but a pair of seat covers for the driver and passenger side is about $150 on average.

Steering Wheel Cover – Similar to leather seats, steering wheels get extremely hot in the summer sun, sometimes so hot that it is painful to steer!  Steering wheel covers are a great solution and not only are they perfect for summer, they are awesome for winter as well!  They will keep your wheel cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and can be found for $15-$20 on average.  If you are planning on getting seat covers, ShearComfort also offers steering wheel covers that match!  If you already have velour seats and are just looking for the steering wheel cover, they have a wide selection of designs and patterns ranging from camo to animal print to sheepskin and hawaiian.

Keep cool this summer and check out some of these products for your car, not only will they add some relief from the summer sun but many of them come in different designs that you can have some fun with!  Avoid some real heat and make sure that your Massachusetts auto insurance policy is up to date as well!  Call or click on MassDrive for a quote, we work with many major carriers in Massachusetts so you will be sure to get the best rate!

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