Furry Friend Friday With Bran!

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Still don’t have a Valentine for Valentine’s Day?  Look no further!  This face is about as cute as they come and Bran is looking for his new best friend!  This cute little puppy is about 6 months old and is up for adoption at the Sterling Animal Shelter.

So Bran, I hear you are not originally from Massachusetts, is that true?

You’re right, I came all the way here from Virginia!  I was a stray there and then got rescued and brought to good old Massachusetts and love it so far!  I’m sure I will love it even more once I find my forever home and can go on adventures with my new family!

What’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I have a lot of energy so I like to do a lot of different things.  I am very playful and love toys!  We are very lucky here at the shelter because we get new toys every day, so I always have tons of options to choose from!  I also love being around people and getting my belly rubbed.  The staff here are very accommodating and love to give me belly rubs, although I don’t give them much of a choice, whenever they come into the room I always roll over on my back so they can scratch my belly, they think it’s so funny!

Is there anything that scares you?

Not that I can think of, I’m pretty lucky and haven’t been around too many scary things in my time, so I think of myself as Mr. Tough Guy.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well I would really get along with anyone!  Dogs, kids, you name it and I’ll get along with it!  I would just need to be with a family that understands my needs as a puppy and who know how much work I can be!  I will need to go to some training classes to perfect my manners but I’m a smart puppy and can pick things up quickly.  I would also love to go with a family that likes to do fun things like play ball and go on hikes or to fun, new places!

Bran, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well I’m not too old so I don’t have much experience with things like this but it sounds like something that could be pretty important.  Family is family whether they have two legs or four, and all family members should have the same protection if they get sick and need to go to the doctor’s office or the vet.

Bran is a smart cookie, and he’s right when he says that family is family whether they have two legs or four.  Get your furry friend the gift of pet insurance this Valentine’s Day and show them how much you love them!  Call our agents for a free quote and take the first step on the path to protecting your furry friend.  You can’t prevent accidents, but you can be prepared for them with pet insurance.

If you think Bran is cute, take a look at his friend Alan!  You can read his Furry Friend Friday interview here.


Furry Friend Friday With Alan!


Who’s ready for a Furry Friend Friday interview? Alan is! This cute little guy is a dachshund mix and is up for adoption at the Sterling Animal Shelter in Sterling and is ready to find a family!  He’s still a puppy and is only about 5 months old, so could use some puppy training to make sure he’s on his best behavior.  If that’s something you can do and if this looks like the face of your new best friend, pay him a visit!

So Alan, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

I’m a pretty simple guy, I like belly rubs, running around outside, getting attention, playing fetch, just the usual puppy stuff.  I’m a very friendly guy but can be shy sometimes, but if you give me a belly rub I’ll love you forever!

Do you have a favorite toy?

Well I love to chase things, frisbees, balls, things like that.  Even though I’m on the small side I still love to run around and am pretty fast!

Now I hear you are not originally from Massachusetts, is that correct?

Yes you’re right I’m not a native to this state, I’m originally from Puerto Rico!  It was much warmer there, but so far I’m loving Massachusetts!  All of the people here at the shelter are so nice and told me I’d find the right home in no time!

Is there anything that scares you?

Sometimes other dogs do, I don’t usually get along with them, I’m a pretty feisty guy and am what I guess you would call the alpha male so I don’t like anyone sharing my toys or attention!

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, for starters I would like to be the only dog, I want all of your attention for myself!  I would also need to go to a family that was willing to be patient with me and bring me to training, I’m still young and have some skills I need to master.  I could really go with anyone, I would be great with kids and am a true love bug.

And why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well you never know when an accident can happen, when it comes to puppies like me or even older and wiser dogs, accidents are accidents and its best to be prepared for them if you ask me.

Alan is already such a smarty at such a young age!  We’re sure he’ll pass any puppy training course with flying colors!  When it comes to being prepared for accidents, we couldn’t have said it better ourselves!  Call one of our agents for a free pet insurance quote today and get your furry friend the protection they deserve!

Furry Friend Friday With Baxter!

baxter 2

Happy Furry Friend Friday!  What better way to kick off your weekend than with a does of some serious cuteness?  Meet Baxter, this cute little chihuahua is up for adoption at the Northeast Animal Shelter in Salem and is about 5 months old.  He’s been there since November, so he’s ready to kick off the New Year with a new home!

So Baxter, what is your favorite thing to do?

Well I don’t know if I can pick just one, there are so many things I love to do!  I especially love playing, whether it’s with my other K-9 friends or with one of my toys, I love to be entertained, I’m still a puppy after all!  Even though I’m pretty active, I still love being around people and cuddling.  I’m very lucky here at the shelter, the staff all carry me around like a baby, I love that so much that sometimes I fall asleep while they’re carrying me!

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

I have a green ball that I absolutely love to play with!  You can see me playing with it in my video at the bottom of the page.

Is there anything that scares you?

Well being a smaller guy, I don’t love a lot of commotion.  When people are running around and things are hectic, I get a little stressed but I wouldn’t say scared, just nervous.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well I can get along with anyone, really, but I’m what you would call a “special needs pet”.  You see I was rescued from a hoarding situation in Alabama, and when I got to the shelter here, the staff discovered that I have what’s called Megaesophagus.  Basically that’s just a big long word meaning that when I eat the food has a tough time being pushed down into my stomach, it can be very dangerous if not treated correctly.  It’s not hard at all to manage, I just need to be in a home with someone that can be home with me a lot.  You see I eat about three meals a day and I have to eat sitting upright and then remain upright for a half hour after I eat.  It’s pretty easy, the staff here just put me in a small front dog carrier, I’m very light to carry and love sitting like this, I sometimes even fall asleep like this!

baxter 1

So Baxter, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well, as I’ve already learned in my short life, sometimes things you don’t expect can change your life in a big way.  I’m doing very well with my condition and it’s extremely manageable, but some other pets aren’t always as lucky as me, so pet insurance seems like a good way to make sure they can get health care should they need it.

Baxter is wise beyond his years, or months rather.  Pet insurance is a great option to consider and it ensures that your pet and wallet will be protected should they have any unexpected accidents, or come down with a sudden illness.  Call one of our agents for a free quote and take the first step to protecting your furry friend!



Furry Friend Friday With Riley!


Friday is here yet again and we’re back with another Furry Friend interview to celebrate!  Today I got to chat with Riley, a miniature black lab.  Personally, I have never heard of a miniature black lab, so I was very excited for this interview in particular.  Once I met Riley, I never would have guessed that he was 10 years old, he looks like a puppy!  This adorable guy was gracious enough to spare some time on this beautiful day for our interview, read below to see what he had to say!

So Riley, I have never heard of a miniature black lab, you must get a lot of attention from people when they see you out and about.

My breed is more common than you would think, you’ve probably seen us out and about and just thought we were lab puppies, my sister says I still look like I’m only a year old!

What is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love to follow my mom around the house, she is my favorite companion and I love being by her side.  Other than that, I like to play with my cousin Marty, he is also a black lab, although not miniature.  He lives next door and is only 2 years old, but he is definitely bigger than me already!  He keeps me young though, we get to hang out almost every day.

Do you have a favorite toy that you like to play with?

My favorite toy would have to be my squeaky squirrel.  When I chew on him he makes a loud sound that I love, and  I can usually find someone to play tug of war with me!

Is there anything that scares you?

The only thing that makes me nervous is new people.  Whenever someone comes to the door that I don’t recognize, it makes me a little nervous because I am very protective of my family.  I bark A LOT and sometimes my family gets mad, but I’m just looking out for them.  Once I get to know someone I am very friendly though, I am a lab after all!

What’s your favorite place to go for a walk?

We live right near Black and White Beach in Manchester and that is by far the best place to explore.  So many sights, smells, and sounds on the ocean, I can’t get enough!  We usually walk about a mile on the beach, now that I’m a little older that’s the perfect length for me, not too long but still long enough to tucker me out. 

Do you have any health concerns for the future, or have there been any instances where pet insurance might have come in handy?

Well, I do have quite a few cysts that make me a little nervous.  Most of them are fatty tumors but I can’t stand going to the vet’s to get them diagnosed!  Thinking about the possibilities of what it could be is scary, and it’s also expensive so I feel a little guilty when my mom has to pay.  I hear that cysts are common in labs though, and I’m sure my family will be keeping a close eye on me!

Riley is an older dog, and as he said cysts are common in labs and paying for biopsies can get expensive after a few tests.  Don’t let your pet’s health suffer because of finances!  Give us a call at MassDrive for a pet insurance quote, your furry friend (and your wallet) will thank you next time they need to go to the vet!


Furry Friend Friday With Barley!

It’s that time of the week again!   Today I was able to sit down with Barley, you may recognize him from our Facebook page as he has made a few trips into the office and is quite a ham for the camera!  Not only does he love getting his picture taken (isn’t he adorable?), but he was also very excited to sit down with me and tell me about his day to day activities as a puppy.  If you have ever had the pleasure of owning a puppy, you know how high energy they can be so getting him to sit still for this interview was quite an accomplishment!

What is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, I’d have to say one of my favorite things to do is to chew on anything and everything!  I love to find a good shoe to gnaw on if I can’t find any of my toys, and if I can’t find a shoe, I’ll take anything else that’s laying around, even the remote control!  Sometimes my parents will even chase me around the house which is so much fun, it’s like an indoor game of fetch!

Do you have a favorite toy?

I love all of my toys!  I have so many different kinds, I love the stuffed ones but they usually don’t last too long, somehow their stuffing always seems to come flying out just when I start having fun with them!  Other than that, I would have to say my all time favorite toy is my frisbee, I love going outside and chasing after it, what a rush!

What is your favorite place to go for a walk?

I love taking trips to Bird Park in Walpole!  It is so much fun, there is so much space to run around and I get to see my friends!  I love running around with them and getting out and about in the fresh air, it’s refreshing after being in the house all day.

What would you say is your biggest fear?

I like to think that I’m a very brave puppy, most of my friends are scared of the vacuum or or other loud noises but not me, bring it on!  I even love getting my baths!  If I had to pick something though, I would say that those plastic neon “go children slow” signs make me pretty nervous.  Sometimes I think they are a real person until I get close enough to see that they are fake!  That must be what makes me so skiddish, but why do they want me to slow down?  Guess that’s just one of those things I’ll never understand.

Do you have any health concerns for the future?

I’m not afraid of much, I’m young and tough but my parents get nervous when I try to eat their socks!  I don’t know why they’re always trying to take them away from me, they say that they’re bad for me if I eat them but they smell so good I can’t resist!  Actually, they try to take away a lot of the things I want to eat because they say they are bad for me, so I guess I wouldn’t want to eat anything that would make me sick!

Puppies like Barley aren’t always as wise as older dogs and can be prone to eating anything and everything in sight!  This can include things that they shouldn’t be able to get their paws on, but accidents happen.  There are many foods that are bad for our pets that they can’t digest such as chocolate, grapes, onions, and much more.  We may know that, but our furry friends don’t always know what is good and bad for them so they rely on us to keep them healthy.  If they do manage to get ahold of food that is bad for them or even an old sock, it can make them extremely sick and they would have to go to the vet right away, which can get pretty costly.  Pet insurance is a great safety net to have if you’re a pet owner.  It can save you hundreds of dollars at the vet should an accident like this occur, and gives owners peace of mind knowing that their furry friend is protected should the unexpected happen.  Believe it or not it is also relatively inexpensive, especially if you have a younger pet!  Interested?  Call or click MassDrive for a quote from one of our agents!


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