789 dealerships have lost their Chrysler LLC franchise.  Among those, 12 of them have been in Massachusetts.  The bankrupt auto maker was forced to pare off these dealerships from their network.   This is all part of their government-backed reinvention plan.

Kathy Graham, a spokeswoman for Chrysler reported to the Boston Globe on the matter.  “We have found homes for all the inventory. The company  expects to start redistributing roughly 26,000 vehicles – about 60 percent of the 44,000 originally on the lots of dealerships losing their franchises. The rest have been sold by the dealers since the closings were announced last month. ”

The dealerships that were on the cutting block were able to liquidate their inventory by cutting prices or selling dealerships staying in business.  Some dealers took $4,000 to $5,000 losses on some of their recent sales.

Some of the dealers are planning to take Chrysler to court.  Billy Donley, a franchise law attorney with Baker Hostetler, said he “believes the bankruptcy ruling will trump the state laws that would be used to protect the dealer. ”

If that is the case, these dealers are out of luck.  Some plan to transition into the used car market and others are hoping to survive because they sell more than one brand.  For example,  Pete Krause, who owns a dealership in Dudley, said his business will survive because it also sells Toyota’s.