Massachusetts lawmakers are considering a bill that would provide incentive to drive hybrid vehicles.

Among these incentives is a waiver of 5% sales tax, $2,000 income tax deduction, toll transponders, and a use of the HOV lane.   Combined, these incentives reduce the price of the hybrid to be comparable to traditional gas models.

Senator Bruce Tarr, R-Gloucester, chief sponsor of the bill said “we want to stimulate demand.”

Joe Gerbino, a sales manager at Commonwealth Motors in Lawrence says “The demand is more than what is available. We can’t even keep hybrids in stock.”

With hybrids already selling out of stock and gas prices rising, the new bill proposal would require more hybrids to be available to the public.  Especially since the bill requires that the states car fleet is 50% hybrid or alternative fuel cars by 2010.

Although this does pose a problem, Ann Dufresne, a spokeswoman for Senator President Robert Travaglini said the legislation is “sound environmental policy that provides short-term relief and long-term conservation.”