Auto insurance rates are generally determined by the same standard factors. In addition to your previous driving record your rates depend upon the following factors:

1. The type of vehicle you drive: Statistically some vehicles have a higher rate of accidents and may be more expensive to repair. Also some vehicles are stolen more often than others.

2. Use of the vehicle: If you use the vehicle for work your premiums will most likely be higher than if you used the vehicle for personal use.

3. Your age, sex, and marital status: Studies have shown older drivers, females, and married individuals are involved in fewer accidents, thus they will receive a lower premium.

4. Your neighborhood: Where you live will have a good effect on your premiums as well. More densely populated areas will be more prone to accidents, thus a higher premium.

5. Prior insurance: If you lack prior insurance or you’re a resonably new driver insurance companies see you as a high risk. With less experience than other drivers you’re premiums will be higher.