Depriving your car of the necessary maintenance will cause it to malfunction or even worse stop working. The longer you wait past the due mileage for your routine maintenance and oil change, chances are damages will be greater and repairs more expensive. To be sure and change an auto’s oil at the appropriate time always refer to the owners manual.

When a driver neglects to preform regular oil changes the old oil goes under thermal breakdown, meaning when the engine is turned on it repeatedly heats the oil making it less effective as a lubricant. Without a good quality of lubricant parts of the engine rub against each other causing significant, unnecessary wear. This additional wear may also give the engine a shorter life span.

In addition to regular oil changes, drivers should regularly check the oil every few hundered miles. Sometimes a dry oil stick can be worse than neglecting to change the oil. If your oil is frequently low this may be an indicator there is another problem with your auto and you should be taken into a mechanic. Routine oil changes and becoming aware of your engine’s oil usage are great ways to keep an auto’s engine in best possible shape.