Motor vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death in U.S. teens today. According to the CDC in 2007 more than 4,200 teens ages 15 – 19 were killd and over 40,000 teens were treated in the emergency room due to auto accidents. Teens most at risk of being involved in an accident include: males, teen drivers with teen passangers, and newly licensed.

Most parents recognize the dangers new teen drivers face and take preventative measures to ensure their safety. Some parents don’t allow their children to drive past dark or drive with passangers. Other parents may enroll their teen in a Graduated Driver Licensing Course. This course allows the teen to earn a permit, then a drivers license temporarily restricting unsupervised driving, and lastly a full license. Although every parent will take different measures to protect their newly licensed teen, any form of guidance and training may just save their life.