Massachusetts lost 442 lives to auto accidents in 2005, of these 42% were attributed to impaired drivers. These impaired drivers may have been distracted for a million reasons. Some with a little too much to drink while others chat away on their cell phone. If a driver were to give his or her full attention to the road and surroundings auto accidents would decrease significantly. It’s important to consider the following suggestions when driving, they may just save a life…

  • Here’s the big one: Turn your cell phone OFF. This way you will not be tempted to answer, send a text message, check your calendar, or use it for any other function it has.
  • ABSOLUTELY do not drink and drive. If you do you’re asking for trouble.
  • If you’ve had little to no sleep do not drive.
  • If you insist on listening to music while driving adjust the radio, CD, or mp3 selection before hitting the road.
  • Eat before or after you drive. Don’t be that guy in traffic with one hand on the wheel and the other holding a Big Mac.
  • Allow yourself sufficient time to get from one destination to the next.
  • For all the women out there rushing to make it from one place to the next despite the last tip, believe me I understand being in a rush, but please apply your make up before operating an automobile or after you’ve parked not in traffic. It’s better to be a couple minutes late, than a few hours from an accident.