Replacing breaks can be a hassle, however it may be more significant than you know. It’s important to understand how breaks work and just how important it is to keep them in good shape. There are two types of brake systems: disc brakes and drum brakes. The disc brakes are the most widely used breaks today. When you step on your break pedal the break pads come together around a spinning disc rotor attached to the wheel, thus slowing or stopping the vehicle. Drum brakes have  brake shoes which push against the spinning break drum attached to the wheel.

Each break system holds a common theme, friction. The friction will eventually wear out the break pads, thus the need to maintain and replace them. It’s important to have the breaks checked regularly on any auto to avoid dangerous situations. If someone neglects an auto’s break pads, further damage may be done to more serious parts of the break system. Additional damages to an auto’s rotors, drums, calipers, etcetera may incur hundreds of dollars of damage. Some of the warning signs your breaks may be in need of maintenance or repair include: break light flashes on the dash, a shaky steering wheel, the car pulls to one side when breaking, stopping distance has increased, or any noise such as grinding or squeaking when  breaking.

Avoid the serious consequences of an accident and serious mechanical repairs by taking care of your vehicle. Have your auto regularly inspected it’s well equipped for a safe ride. When in doubt consult a mechanic, it’s better to be safe than sorry.