The Ford Motor Company and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are working together to advance automotive technology to reduce driver stress. Officials from Ford and MIT strongly believe that lowering the stress levels of drivers will increase the safety of the roads. Working together, they would like to use vehicle techologies to decrease stress and consequently improve safety.

Jeff Rupp, a Ford manager of active safety research explains the process and implementation of the research:

The project will identify specific stress-inducing driving situations, monitor a driver’s reaction to the situations using biometrics and evaluate methods to incorporate new stress-reducing features into the next generation of Ford products.” Rupp strongly believes that by reducing stress load placed on a driver, “through the use of our existing technologies such as Adaptive Cruise Control with Collision Warning … our voice-activated communications system, we are proactively guiding drivers away from difficult situations.

Advances in technology directly related to the safety and overall well being of drivers can only mean good things. We would like to extend our thanks to the staff from MIT and Ford, for their dedication to make the roads safer.