United States auto sales were published this week revealing gains sooner than expected. Auto companies including Ford Motor Company, Honda Motor Company, and Toyota Motor Company showed sales surpassing the forcasted  estimates. The increase in sales is a sign the auto industry may finally be stabilizing after it’s worse year since 1970.

Ford Motor sales increased last month by 33% selling a grand total of 178,063 cars. Toyota also experienced a 32% jump in sales the past December. However General Motors Corporation published a 5.7% decrease in light-vehicle deliveries last month. GM and Chrysler took a dive this year with a disappointing sales and resulting bankruptcy.

As the United States works its way through a recession there is no denying our market has suffered significant damages. According to the Center for Automotive Research the United States slipped a considerable 21% in the world market while China made an increase of 42%. China took the title of number one auto market from the United States last year. If trends continue to follow the December United States auto sales report the U.S. may take back the auto market little by little, however not immediately.