A 20 percent increase in the cost of Massachusetts automobile inspection fees may be coming.  The increase is part of a legislation package that is aimed at helping stabilize the finances of cities and towns all over the state.  Extra revenue will be dedicated to local police training.

The increase would cause the inspection charge for a passenger car to rise $6.

State Republican Paul Donato realeased a statement on the matter,

“It was something the commission felt would have a better impace on the communities by allowing them to have the opportunity to have police training.”

Under the new bill, municipalities would be able to e-billing programs and offer employee benefits already available to state workers, such as health care spending accounts and larger optional life insurance maximums.

An interesting new approach the bill proposes is cooperative purchasing agreements and mutual aid agreements with other cities and towns to save money on services, equipment and staffing.

Whether the bill will pass is unknown but it is under review by the House Ways and Means Committee.