Auto insurance can be complicated but it is very important that you know all the details.  A recent article published by MSN money breaks down the basics of auto insurance.

  • If you have good credit, you’ll pay less
  • Your car model affects your premium
  • Pay in full to avoid installment fees
  • Personal property within your vehicle is not covered
  • Bad driving leads to higher rates
  • If you lend your car out and something happens, you’ll be the one to pay
  • The value of your “totaled” car may surprise you
  • Check into “diminished value”
  • Taxes can still be owed on a replacement car
  • Wait to add your teenager to your policy until he or she is licensed
  • Officially cancel your insurance policy when you switch insurers

When shopping around make sure to keep these points in mind because they may end up saving you money annually.  MassDrive would like to help you in your efforts! MassDrive is excited about the competition that deregulation has created and we would like to pass on the savings to you.  Our licensed professionals can compare policies from multiple carriers and give you a better understanding of the benefits of each plan!