Highway officials may start testing a new form of electronic tolling in the next couple months. Governor Patrick Deval announced in his monthly radio station chat test runs of the proposed system may appear at the Massachusetts Turnpike at the Route 128 exchange.  With the new system drivers would no longer have to pull up to toll booths, rather they would drive under a scanner that would read transponders like those currently utilized by FastLane drivers. However the electronic tolling would also have the ability to read a license plate and send a bill or charge a driver’s account.

Governor Patrick Deval believes the new system will make toll-paying easier and safer for drivers as they would no longer need to fumble for change. Although the FastLane transponders are given out free and payment lanes are available, some drivers still prefer to pull up to a booth. A cash lane would need to be kept for those who do not have transponders, such as out of state drivers or new vehicles. Deval said this past Wednesday he would like to have the new system trials up and running sooner then later. When asked to elaborate on a time period Deval stated he hoped to see testing in the next few months.