When picking up a rental vehicle the concierge, more often then not, will offer additional auto insurance through the rental business for an additional fee. Many drivers blindly decline or accept this coverage without checking into their own auto insurance policy. Depending on the coverages you’ve chosen for your own auto insurance policy, you may or may not already be covered.

If you’ve purchased collision coverage on your own policy, it should cover the damage you cause to any car you’re driving. Many auto insurance policies however state that your auto insurance policy is in excess to any other coverage present. Meaning if you were to purchase auto insurance from the rental dealership, your own policy would kick in after the purchased rental auto insurance. It is also important to remember your own auto insurance policy will require a deductible to be paid out before your insurance company starts paying the bills.

Comprehensive coverage will also likely cover you while driving a rental vehicle and include fire, theft, vandalism and accidents involving an animal. It’s important to remember yet again that your insurance policy requires a deductible and is in excess to any other insurance, such as additional rental insurance if you choose to purchase it.

If you are involved in an accident and found at fault while driving a rental vehicle, your own policy’s liability insurance will most likely pay damages you caused someone else as well as medical expenses accruing in direct result of your negligence. Much like collision and comprehensive coverage, your own auto insurance policy will be in excess of any other auto insurance present.

If you do not carry your own auto insurance policy, or have no comprehension or collision coverage, purchasing insurance from the rental dealership is a good idea. If you choose to purchase insurance through the rental business be sure to ask about discounts. If you are a member of a public radio station, AAA or another type of club you may be eligible. Drivers may also be eligible if they will be keeping the rental vehicle in a garage or driving in a safer neighborhood with less traffic.

Always play it safe, give your local auto insurance agent a call and ask what will and will not be covered while driving a rental. If you’re looking for auto insurance give MassDrive a call where we compare quotes through various carriers finding you the best policy for the best price.