As back to school season begins the simple fact is you will encounter more cars on the road. From additional youth drivers to parents returning from a summer vaca you may notice an increase in traffic throughout the day and especially in the mornings. Now is a great time to review safe driving techniques with your children, teenagers – even take a refresher yourself:

  • Silence your cell: With the new distracted driving legislation this should be a no-brainer. If caught texting and driving you can face a steep fine or even a suspension of your license!
  • Buckle-up: Elementary, but necessary for safe driving. Parents should ensure all children are buckled and situated in car-seats appropriate for their size. Remind your teenagers seat belts are a must, they won’t “look cool” when they find themselves without in an accident.
  • Reverse: Looking over your shoulder and checking all mirrors should be automatic before placing your vehicle in reverse. This is especially important when children are present.
  • School-buses: Know when a school bus stops and its red stop sign or flashing lights appear children are boarding or exiting the bus. Be on the look out for children crossing the street even after the bus has moved on.
  • Be Alert: Avoid driving when you are exhausted or feel fatigued. When you are not able to pay full attention to the road you may miss crucial directions or signs and will be putting other drivers, bikers, and pedestrians lives at risk.
  • School Zones – SLOW DOWN: School zones generally have a lower speed limit than other surrounding areas. There is a rhyme and reason to this and these lower speed limits should be obeyed.