Massachusetts may be able to accommodate 100 electric vehicle charging stations with $200,000 of funding, according to an article by the Boston Business Journal.

The Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources is now accepting applications from cities and towns to install charging stations. The funding to construct these charging stations is to be provided by a 2007 settlement with the American Electric Power Service Corp on alleged pollution control equipment violations.

“Electric vehicle technology is a significant way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and expand our clean energy economy, but it will only be adopted by consumers if there are places where vehicles can be re-charged away from home… This pilot program is a critical step in helping our communities and citizens prepare for the entry of electric vehicles to the Massachusetts market in 2011.””

– Ian Bowles,  Energy and Environmental Affairs Secretary

Massachusetts continues in its eco-friendly forward thinking with the charging station proposal and, as an added bonus, may help to support local businesses. The Boston-Power Inc. of Westborough is recognized for their development of a Saab electric vehicle and A123 Systems Inc. of Watertown for developing additional electric vehicle batteries for large auto manufacturers such as Fisker Auomotive and BMW. As electronic vehicles become more popular and charge stations more readily available these local, innovative businesses are likely to prosper and discover even more efficient and environmentally sound electric developments.