Winter driving can be chilly, difficult and downright anxiety-inducing at times. With ice, snow, sleet, slush and salt to conquer during the winter months, it’s no wonder there’s a huge crop of winter-themed driving tools out there. While some are wacky, some may be just what you need to survive the winter cold. These may not be your standard winter car kit items, these winter car accessories are indulgences that may make the winter months pass quicker.

Heated Seat Covers

Car didn’t come with heated seats? Didn’t want to splurge? That’s okay. Thanks to CozyWinters, there’s a low cost and easy to install option that has your back (literally). The 2-Volt Heated Seat Cushion with Hi-Lo Back Massage not only keeps your derrière warm on chilly winter days, it doubles as a back massager. Never give in to the stress of snowy day traffic with the relaxing massage from this seat heater. Just strap it onto your seat, plug it into the cigarette lighter and buckle up for a warm and relaxing ride!

Ice Scraper

Scraping ice off the windshield could rank among my top ten least favorite things to do. Whether I have gloves or forgot them and therefore am subjecting myself within the reaches of frostbite, it is a cold and tireless activity, rarely met with success until the car warms up enough to melt the ice off instead. You get my point. Those gloved scrapers are a stroke of genius, but I’ll raise you one higher… THE BEAR CLAW. Behold! If you have to scrape ice off your car in the freezing cold, you may as well look badass doing it. You’ll deserve that heated massage from your seat cover after you attack that windshield!

Heated Ice Scraper

Maybe you are not fierce enough for the Bear Claw ice scraper and need an alternative (I’d say I understand, but I just do not. That thing is cool!). Enter the heated ice scraper. This genius invention blasts through even thick ice, making the entire scraping process less painful. It does need some time to heat up and operates using the cigarette lighter, so you’ll have to put your seat heating on hold, but the ice blasting prowess and the shortened time you’ll spend de-icing that windshield are more than worth it.

Extendable Brush

Can’t reach the snow off the top of your SUV? Stopping short with all that snow on top of your car is a great way to break your windshield wipers (this happened to my friend, not me, I swear!). Avoid any snow toppling disasters with the incredible extending powers of this 60″ Snow Broom. Equipped with hand grips, a pivoting head and a FeatherTip brush that won’t scratch paint, this thing is a god send for the vertically-challenged or the lazy.

Whatever you need to ready yourself for the road this winter, it certainly seems like there’s a tool to help make your ride safer and warmer. How better to make yours one of the best cars for winter driving with something fun? What’s your favorite winter tool for your car?