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The Top 6 Boston Parking Space Savers from the 2015 Snowstorms

With record high snowstorms hitting Boston this year, residents are participating in the long tradition of parking space savers. Parking has become a huge challenge for Bostonians with so much snow, Boston doesn’t even know where to put it. Even Mayor Marty Walsh has become a bit frustrated discussing the controversy and competitiveness of them when questioned on the topic at blizzard press conferences. With the amount of snow being so outrageous this year, so are the parking savers. Here are our favorite parking space savers from this season:

6. Although this parking saver is a classic chair, it makes our list because it’s probably the most outrageously huge parking spot ever dug out of snow.

5. This sign out right says what every parking space saver hints, “Do not even think about it”!

4. Parking a bike (or laying it down) as a space saver couldn’t be more clear to others that that is your parking spot. literally.

3. Having the adorable Pooh Bear stand guard of this parking spot doesn’t make the sign any less direct. “NO.” Also, woah that is a tall parking saver.

2. Using the shovel you broke from digging out your car from the snow is a genius way to make sure any parking space thief feels way too guilty to steal that spot.

And for the number 1 best parking saver..

1. Taking a once cute children’s toy and turning it into collateral damage with a frightening message is sure to scare away anyone from taking that parking spot.

There is a hot debate around Boston on whether or not parking savers should be allowed. The best way to approach it respect your neighbors. Everyone is dealing with the aftermath from these storms. There is a lot of snow in Boston, and even more heading our way. On the bright side, we can’t wait to see those crazy space savers continue to pop up around Boston. Let us know the craziest ones you find!

Make Sure Your Car Is Ready For This Cold!

My goodness, it is a COLD one out there today. If you have to travel today, I hope it is not far and that you get there safe and warm! One way to help make sure you’ll arrive at your destination safe and warm is to ensure that your car is properly winterized. Cold weather, ice and snow present your car with challenges you didn’t have to think about during the summer months. Use this checklist to make sure your car is up-to-date and ready for these freezing temps!

Winterize Your Car: A Checklist for Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Snowy Season by MassDrive

Winterize Your Car: A Checklist for Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Snowy Season

Whether you’re ready or not, winter is coming! Winter driving can be dangerous, so make sure to prepare your car for the season. With this checklist from MassDrive, you’ll be ready for winter driving in no time.

Winterize Your Car: A Checklist for Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Snowy Season

Winter Driving Accessories You (Might) Need

Winter driving can be chilly, difficult and downright anxiety-inducing at times. With ice, snow, sleet, slush and salt to conquer during the winter months, it’s no wonder there’s a huge crop of winter-themed driving tools out there. While some are wacky, some may be just what you need to survive the winter cold. These may not be your standard winter car kit items, these winter car accessories are indulgences that may make the winter months pass quicker.

Heated Seat Covers

Car didn’t come with heated seats? Didn’t want to splurge? That’s okay. Thanks to CozyWinters, there’s a low cost and easy to install option that has your back (literally). The 2-Volt Heated Seat Cushion with Hi-Lo Back Massage not only keeps your derrière warm on chilly winter days, it doubles as a back massager. Never give in to the stress of snowy day traffic with the relaxing massage from this seat heater. Just strap it onto your seat, plug it into the cigarette lighter and buckle up for a warm and relaxing ride!

Ice Scraper

Scraping ice off the windshield could rank among my top ten least favorite things to do. Whether I have gloves or forgot them and therefore am subjecting myself within the reaches of frostbite, it is a cold and tireless activity, rarely met with success until the car warms up enough to melt the ice off instead. You get my point. Those gloved scrapers are a stroke of genius, but I’ll raise you one higher… THE BEAR CLAW. Behold! If you have to scrape ice off your car in the freezing cold, you may as well look badass doing it. You’ll deserve that heated massage from your seat cover after you attack that windshield!

Heated Ice Scraper

Maybe you are not fierce enough for the Bear Claw ice scraper and need an alternative (I’d say I understand, but I just do not. That thing is cool!). Enter the heated ice scraper. This genius invention blasts through even thick ice, making the entire scraping process less painful. It does need some time to heat up and operates using the cigarette lighter, so you’ll have to put your seat heating on hold, but the ice blasting prowess and the shortened time you’ll spend de-icing that windshield are more than worth it.

Extendable Brush

Can’t reach the snow off the top of your SUV? Stopping short with all that snow on top of your car is a great way to break your windshield wipers (this happened to my friend, not me, I swear!). Avoid any snow toppling disasters with the incredible extending powers of this 60″ Snow Broom. Equipped with hand grips, a pivoting head and a FeatherTip brush that won’t scratch paint, this thing is a god send for the vertically-challenged or the lazy.

Whatever you need to ready yourself for the road this winter, it certainly seems like there’s a tool to help make your ride safer and warmer. How better to make yours one of the best cars for winter driving with something fun? What’s your favorite winter tool for your car?

Winter Driving Safety Tips: Driving with Snow Plows

Driving with Snow Plows

Snow driving is one of the hallmarks of residing in Massachusetts. For some, driving in the snow is the next great adventure, for others, it’s a terrifying experience. Wherever you fall on the spectrum, there’s no denying that snow plows are a lifesaver during a storm. Helping remove snow and ensure safety, snow plows make it possible to get around during the winter months.

Plowing is done according to a hierarchy of importance – small public alleys, side streets and dead ends are the last to be plowed, so be sure to watch out if you live on any of these routes and plan accordingly during storms!

Winter Safety Driving Tips: Driving With Plows

Snow plows can be quite dangerous if you’re unsure how to drive with them. Follow these recommendations for driving with snow plows from the Massachusetts Department of Transportation for safe winter driving:

  • Keep your distance, don’t assume plow drivers can see you. Their field of vision is limited – in addition to the blind spots of a traditional car, the snow that a snow plow stirs up may also limit the driver’s visibility. To be safe, stay 70 feet (4 car lengths) from the plow truck so the driver can see you.
  • Use extreme caution when passing a plow. There are no laws prohibiting drivers from passing a snow plow on the road, but it is extremely dangerous to do so. The wing plow blades of any given truck can extend 2 to 10 feet beyond the width of the truck, and are often hard to see because of the snow they push to the sides while plowing. Sometimes weighing as much as a compact car, you don’t want to hit one of these guys. If you must, snow plows push snow to the right, so avoid passing them on this side.
  • Turn on your lights. See and be seen by keeping your headlights on while driving in the snow.

Following these tips will help you drive safely and soundly around plows this winter, however, accidents do happen especially in winter conditions. If you do get in an accident, the Massachusetts Department of Transportation recommends that you assess the scene – is anyone hurt? Are you stranded? If so, or if if you feel you need to, call 911. If possible, move your vehicle off the road to clear the way for other drivers, and stay in your vehicle – it is safer than being outside during a storm. If it is dark, make sure to keep your light on with the engine running, but make sure to crack a window to keep fresh air circulating through your car – you never know if your exhaust pipe is blocked. If it’s light out, turn off your engine. Keep your circulation moving while you’re in the car by moving around and huddling for warmth, and if need be – make your car visible to rescuers. If you get in accident with another vehicle, make sure to exchange information, including your auto insurance information to settle any damage claims.

Driving in the snow can be dangerous, but sometimes it is necessary. When driving in a storm with plows, keep these tips in mind. Stay safe this winter!

Photo by bbearnes

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