Have you ever called up and insurance agency an gotten a great rate but never heard of the carrier? Here at MassDrive we work with multiple carriers, some of them being more well-known than others. Quotes are different for every person and every situation, depending on their application and each carrier has different metrics to evaluate a potential policy, which is why you may get a price from one company that is significantly lower than another.

As an agency we have the benefit of running an application through different insurance companies to give our customers the best possible rate. However, sometimes the best rate may come from a company that some customers have never heard of. Unfortunately, this does sometimes sway their decision and result in them opting for a higher quote from a company that is more well-known.

However, just because you may not have necessarily heard of an insurance company doesn’t mean that they are any less reliable than the bigger names. In fact, choosing a small company often has major benefits that go along with it. One of the pros of a small company is that they typically have less clients, and therefore more time to focus on existing accounts. This typically results in better customer service because the person you are talking to is likely to already have a relationship with you and an understanding of your situation. It is important to understand that the reason they have a smaller amount of clientele isn’t because their performance is inferior to larger companies, it’s because they may not have a budget that allows for as much advertising.

Not only may a smaller company have better customer service, they are also more likely to work harder to keep your premium down. Larger companies have so many clients that losing one because of a price increase may not be a big deal to them. For a smaller company, the fact that they have less customers and no money to advertise encourages them to keep their customers as happy as possible. This could result in them putting more effort into maintaining a lower price for their customers in hopes of encouraging them to stay.

This is not to suggest that smaller companies are always less expensive, the price of insurance depends on each individual’s situation, however once you are a customer of theirs you may find them more helpful when it comes to maintaining the best possible rate. When the time comes for you to shop around for an auto quote, keep these benefits in mind if you haven’t heard of certain carriers, it may end up saving you more money in the long run.