Love Your Commute
Love Your Commute
For all of you commuters out there, would you have ever believed that there could be something positive or enjoyable about all that time you spend traveling?  Here at MassDrive we are still in the Valentine’s spirit and today is all about learning how to love your commute!  Whether you drive or take public transportation there are plenty of ways to increase your enjoyment and production while commuting to work.

If you’re driving to work an iPod, or any MP3 for that matter is your new best friend.  Customize your own playlist depending on the mood your commute puts you in.  If you’re typically tired in the morning, listen to music with a fast beat that pumps you up for the day.  If you’re commute frustrates you and sets a bad tone for the rest of the day, make a playlist with soothing songs or sounds such as the ocean or a cool spring breeze, you’d be amazed at the difference a good playlist can have on your day!

Want to save money on your commuting costs?  Have you considered carpooling?  Organizing a carpool with friends or coworkers is a great idea for those of us that are on a budget.  With potential fare increases being discussed regarding the MBTA, public transportation is becoming more expensive than ever.  Carpooling is a great alternative as you don’t have to rely on train times to dictate your return home and it may actually save you money when compared to public transit, depending on your location.  The bigger the group the better of course, but carpooling with even one person can make a huge difference.  Think of how much you would save if you yourself only had to drive half the time, pay for parking have the time, and put gas in the car half of the time.  The savings add up and the more people you have the lower the commuting cost will be and who wouldn’t love that?

For those of you that commute via public transportation, this is a great time to accomplish all of those errands you typically wouldn’t have time for.  Been meaning to schedule a doctor’s appointment, renew your auto insurance policy, reconnect with an old friend or finally finish that book you started?  Most people view their commute as a waste of time in their day but truthfully it’s a great opportunity to take care of all of the miscellaneous tasks that accumulate in your daily life.  Take advantage of this time that you would typically view as a waste, it may turn out to be one of the most productive segments of your day! A commuting backpack designed for that daily trek will keep you comfortable while you make your trip and accomplish those errands.

Turn your commute into your daily workout!  If possible and you live close enough to work, try commuting by bike or walking there.  Not only is it environmentally friendly but it will get you your daily dose of exercise and some fresh air!

If you drive to work on a daily basis, try switching up your route once in a while.  Not only will this get you better acquainted with the city you’re working in, you may find a better way to get to work with less traffic, a way that’s faster, or a way that offers a much more scenic route.  If you spend an hour of your day sitting in traffic on the highway, try taking the back roads once in a while.  You may have to leave a bit earlier but for the most part it should take the same amount of time and will offer you a much better view than red brake lights for miles and miles!

Even though heading to work can be frustrating and time consuming there are always positive aspects of any situation that can help you make the best out of it!  Try utilizing some of these tips which are sure to either save you time, money, or put a smile on your face while commuting to work!  Happy commuting!