These past few days have left a lot of us shell shocked, even as tough New Englanders we still have trouble adjusting to below freezing temperatures each winter.  If you have to be outside for an extended period of time, definitely keep these tips in mind!  They will help keep you warm whether you are walking a few blocks to work or outside shoveling for an hour!

  • Dress In Layers – Bundle up out there!  Dressing in 3-4 layers will definitely help you fight off that wind chill.  The last thing you want is to rush around outside and start sweating, only to slow down and have your sweat make you colder.  Here in Boston, this is a pretty common occurance if you’re rushing for the T and then get crammed into a tiny car full of people only before being thrust back outside into the frigid air.  So, what can you do to prevent this?  When you get dressed and are choosing a bottom layer to wear, go for a fabric that wicks away sweat, such as silk or polypropylene.  These will help you stay dry and therefore warm!
  • Take A Hot Drink For The Road – If possible, try to either prepare a hot cup of coffee, tea, or hot chocolate to take with you, or buy one before you head outside.  It can get pretty chilly out there and a hot beverage will warm you up on the inside and keep your hands warm!  Kills two birds with one stone and (hopefully) tastes great.
  • Wear A Hat – Did you know that the majority of your body heat escapes through your head?  Make sure you have a warm hat to wear on these cold winter days so that you can conceal as much body heat as possible!  It’s also important to be sure your hat covers your ears since they are vulnerable to frostbite!
  • Gloves And Socks – Even though the majority of your body heat escapes from your head, you can lose a lot of heat from your hands and feet as well!  Not to mention the fact that they are typically the first body parts to be susceptible to frostbite.  Try to find some thick, wool socks to wear on days like this, even leg warmers are back in style so don’t hesitate to break them out if you have a pair!  In terms of gloves, make sure they are water proof.  This will ensure that your hands stay dry and if you don’t need to use your fingers, definitely go for mittens over gloves since they are much warmer!  If you do wear gloves, look into the ones that allow you to use your smartphone while wearing them.  Not only are they wicked cool, they are also practical!  How many times have you tried to make a call on your way out of work, only to find that you need to take off your gloves to do it?  Not only is it an inconvenience, it’s also dangerous in weather this cold!
  • Hand And Foot Warmers – These are available at most sports stores and even some convenience stores such as Walgreens.  They are disposable packets that you can put inside your shoes or pockets and they provide serious heat for up to 7-10 hours.   You can even buy them in bulk online (Amazon has great deals) if you want to stock up for the whole season.

We want all of our customers and Massachusetts residents to stay warm and safe this winter!  Keep these tips in mind next time you have to venture out into the frigid New England air.  No one enjoys this cold weather, but with these tips we can beat it together and get through yet another winter in the Bay State!

Photo By: codepo8