fat louie 2

Happy Furry Friend Friday!  Today’s special guest is named Fat Louie!  This cute little feline is 3 years old and is up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society.  He’s been at the shelter for a couple of months now and can’t understand why someone hasn’t taken him home yet!  If you’re looking for a big cuddle bug to watch TV with, Fat Louie is your guy so stop in and pay him a visit!

So Fat Louie, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I like to get up early and watch the sun rise to start my day, I’m a big morning person, er cat I should say.  After that I like to play with some of my toys, cuddle with my favorite people, and then sit by the window and bird watch.

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

Where do I begin?  I love scratching posts of course, but then again what cat doesn’t?  I also love chasing those little toy mice around, especially when they’re sprayed with catnip!  Chasing those around helps keep me in shape, my name may be Fat Louie but that doesn’t mean I have to live up to it!

Is there anything that scares you?

Well sometimes I can get nervous when I meet new people, I tend to be a little shy but once I’ve been around them for a while and get to know them, I go right back to being my usual playful and friendly self.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well my first request would be to go to a family with a nice window where I can bird watch and sunbathe.  The next most important thing would be to go with a family that would be able to commit to my special diet, you see when I came to the shelter I had a UTI and my family couldn’t afford the care, so they had to turn me over to the shelter.  I’m fine now but I will need to be on a special diet for the rest of my life to prevent further issues, but from what I hear it’s a common thing among cats.  I’d be great with older kids that are cat-savvy, maybe other cats as long as we could meet first, and dogs as well.  You see, I used to live with a dog and we would play and chase each other around all the time!  It was a lot of fun so if I found all of those things in one family, I’d be the happiest cat ever!

Fat Louie, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well look at me for example, I had a simple UTI which can easily be treated, but it was still too expensive for my family to pay for, so they had to surrender me.  Maybe if they had pet insurance they would have been able to afford my care and been able to keep me.

This is a perfect example of why pet insurance is such a good investment for pet parents, not being able to afford your furry friend’s care can have awful consequences, so call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step to protect your furry friend!