By: Madison Hennig

It’s that time of year again – young people are back at school, and professionals are encountering busier workdays. Always feel like you’re running behind? Here are some helpful tips on how to keep up. 

1] Plan for what’s ahead. During the weekend, check to see if you have any appointments and after-school or work activities planned for the upcoming week.

2] Prepare meals in advance. For example, if you love to eat egg sandwiches in the morning, make some early in the week and freeze them to avoid cooking every morning. This is also the season to break out your slow cooker and prepare something that will cook while you’re out all day. So little effort necessary!

3] Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Others might not have as much on their plates as you do, so don’t feel like you can’t ask for assistance from friends and family. Keep in mind that if they helped you, in the future you should try and return the favor if you are able.

4] Know when to say no. So many different events take place during the fall, but you can’t do everything. Think about which ones will make you happiest and push off the rest. There will be a time for you to catch up. 

5] Stay healthy. Most people forget to take care of themselves when they have so much going on. If you are feeling sick and try to keep up with your normal routine, it is likely that you will just fall further behind. Try not to spread germs by staying home from school/work, and most importantly, get enough sleep.