Route 9 Construction Site Now Available

Massachusetts Route 9 is to undergo a 7.8 mile long construction this summer, creating some anxiety for commuters as well as local residents and businesses. The Massachusetts Department of Transportation has launched a new website to provide updates on construction, delays and closures. The stretch of Route 9 under construction reaches from Walnut Street in Natick to the Framingham-Southborough line.

The construction project is projected to cost $12.5 million and will be paid for by federal stimulus funds. The construction should focus on resurfacing the roads and improving ramps as well as signs. The project also includes improvements for pedestrians and bicyclists, safety upgrades and drainage work. The first phase of the Route 9 construction is to begin this summer and is to temporarily end this November 19th allowing drivers to get through the area for holiday shopping. Construction will start up again in April 2011 and is expected to be finished June 2011. Select shoulders will be closed this week as construction begins on the Route 9 project.

To access the route 9 website with weekly updates click here.

Lincoln Tanker Out of Control

This past Tuesday January 12th a speeding tanker drove out of control crushing three vehicles injuring two people. Rush hour traffic was detoured from Route 2 as it was closed until 11:30am. Nancy James saw the tank in her review mirrors and tired to quickly turn out of its path. The tanker however crushed James’ car and continued down the road to obliterate two additional vehicles.

Nancy James was pulled from her vehicle by a witness and after the accident walked away from the crash site. Elizabeth Buchanan, driver of the second vehicle, was sent to Emerson Hospital for minor injuries. However the tank driver, John Revene, was not as lucky. Suffering from serious injuries Revene was picked up by a trauma helicopter and transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

This accident may have been much worse as the tanker was carrying 8,500 gallons of fuel at the time. The Department of Transportation has investigated the tanker finding no mechanical issues or faults.  Trans Spec Truck Services Inc, owner of the tank involved in the accident, stated they have not had any like incidents in the past. It has been noted as well that the tanker was driving off the scheduled route when the accident occurred. Investigations of this peculiar accident continue.

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