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Lincoln Tanker Out of Control

This past Tuesday January 12th a speeding tanker drove out of control crushing three vehicles injuring two people. Rush hour traffic was detoured from Route 2 as it was closed until 11:30am. Nancy James saw the tank in her review mirrors and tired to quickly turn out of its path. The tanker however crushed James’ car and continued down the road to obliterate two additional vehicles.

Nancy James was pulled from her vehicle by a witness and after the accident walked away from the crash site. Elizabeth Buchanan, driver of the second vehicle, was sent to Emerson Hospital for minor injuries. However the tank driver, John Revene, was not as lucky. Suffering from serious injuries Revene was picked up by a trauma helicopter and transported to Massachusetts General Hospital for treatment.

This accident may have been much worse as the tanker was carrying 8,500 gallons of fuel at the time. The Department of Transportation has investigated the tanker finding no mechanical issues or faults.  Trans Spec Truck Services Inc, owner of the tank involved in the accident, stated they have not had any like incidents in the past. It has been noted as well that the tanker was driving off the scheduled route when the accident occurred. Investigations of this peculiar accident continue.

When to File a Police Report

If you are involved in any major accident a police report is absolutely necessary, but what about that fender bender? You will definitely need a police report:

  • When anyone is injured or seems to be in shock.
  • When anyone involved flees the scene.
  • When there is serious damage to one or more vehicles.
  • When a driver involved refuses to give you his or her license, contact or insurance information.
  • When a driver admits to having no insurance.
  • When blame is falsely assigned or you feel as if the accident happened differently than described.

In most cases it is a good idea to have a police report written up on the accident. In fact many insurance agencies will require a police report before accepting the claim. When involved in an accident it’s hard to remember all the important information necessary for filing a claim. A police report will collect all the important information from phone numbers and license plate numbers to insurance information.

After a report has been filed be sure and collect infomation as you can yourself to offer yoru insurance agent or adjuster. If you have all or most of the information the insurance company may need to get from the police report your claim may be processed more quickly. In this case it’s a good idea to keep an accident check list in your car. When in doubt call to have an officer at the scene and file a police report.

Accident Check List

If you’ve ever been involved in an accident you know the overflowing feeling of panic that comes with it. Trying to gather information with your heart pumping and mind spinning is not the easiest task in the world. Keep yourself from forgetting important information by having an accident check list in your glove box. Here’s a great basic accident checklist to follow:

General Accident Information:

_ Date

_ Time

_ Location

_Weather conditions

_ Your driving speed

Other Driver’s Basic Information:

_ Name


_Phone number

_Drivers license number

_ Make & Model of Auto

_License Plates

Passenger/ Witness Information:



_Phone number

Police & Emergency Personnel:


_Badge Number

_Phone number to obtain accident report

Important Things To Remember:

_Write a description of the damage to your car and other auto involved

_ If you have a camera or camera phone take pictures of the damages to all vehicles involved and the surrounding scene of the accident

What to do When Involved in an Accident

The car ahead of you schreeches to a halt… you slam on your breaks and lightly bump the car in front of you. Moments later a third car sails full speed into your back bumper… now what?

When involved in an accident there are a few things to remember:

1. ABSOLUTELY DO NOT LEAVE THE SCENE. There are strict and heavy penalties for leaving the scene of an accident.

2. Make sure the accident scene is safe. Before exiting your car ensure there is no oncoming traffic or other dangerous obstacles.

3. After checking that everyone involved is safe, get as much information as you can from the other driver(s). Obtain their insurance and license information, address, and phone number at minimum.

4.Contact the police. File a report but do not admit fault. Even if you think you were at fault, you may be in shock and still not realized everything that happened.

5. If you have a camera phone or digital camera take a few pictures. Document the damages to both vehicles before the cars are driven or towed away.

6. Report the accident to your insurance company. Include as much information when filing your claim as possible. Relay the time, location, the other drivers information, accident details, and anything else you can remember from the scene to your insurance company.

The most important part of being in an accident is the safety of yourself and other driver(s)/ passenger(s). Before proceeding with the formalities of exchanging information and filing a report, it may be more important to call an ambulance. Drive safely, and if you are involved in an accident stay calm, with a level head you’ll be able to handle the situation.

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