If you’ve ever been involved in an accident you know the overflowing feeling of panic that comes with it. Trying to gather information with your heart pumping and mind spinning is not the easiest task in the world. Keep yourself from forgetting important information by having an accident check list in your glove box. Here’s a great basic accident checklist to follow:

General Accident Information:

_ Date

_ Time

_ Location

_Weather conditions

_ Your driving speed

Other Driver’s Basic Information:

_ Name


_Phone number

_Drivers license number

_ Make & Model of Auto

_License Plates

Passenger/ Witness Information:



_Phone number

Police & Emergency Personnel:


_Badge Number

_Phone number to obtain accident report

Important Things To Remember:

_Write a description of the damage to your car and other auto involved

_ If you have a camera or camera phone take pictures of the damages to all vehicles involved and the surrounding scene of the accident