There may be hope for hydrogen on the east coast.  With President Barack Obama’s choice to endourse the development of electric vehicles the future of hydrogen cars looked uncertain.  Recent developments will make it possible to refuel hydrogen vehicles on the east coast.  SunHydro will be constructing 11 station on the I-95 highway.  The ultimate goal is to give hydrogen vehicle owners the opportunity to travel from Miami to Maine. 

Each station will be a self contained hydrolysis unit with solar power collectors attached.  The solar power will provide enerfy to create hydrogen from water via hydolysis.  The stations may cost up to 3 million USD a piece in private funding.  President Michael Grey knows that the company is taking a risk on the stations but feels it is a necessary risk for development of the techonlogy.

“We’ve just decided that somebody needed to start this process. You have a lot of the big companies talk about it, but nobody’s stepped up to the plate and made it happen. You’ve got to have some visionary risk taking if you want to be a company of the future. Otherwise, you’ll fall by the wayside.”

Several car companies have research departments dedicated to hydrogen plans but only time will tell whether these vehicles will compete in the automobile market.