Judeth Van Hamm and Michael Connelly driving their new completely electric, zero emission Villager.

(Boston Globe, “Slowly Does If for a Cleaner Way of Living“)

The new Street Villager LSV, much resembling that of a golf cart, is the new emission free way to get around town. Driving on roads with a speed limit of 30 mph or less these nifty vehicles carry up to four adults, never stopping for gas. The Villagers can go about 20 miles before needing to be recharged. Making it the ideal around town and short trip vehicle for city drivers. Each of these earth friendly vehicles are are estimated to cost about $10,000.

These golf cart like contraptions were made street legal in Massachusetts as of December 2008. Over half the United States have created laws permitting these low speed vehicles to drive on regular city roads. These laws are created with restrictions of course,  keeping the Evil Kenevil’s out there from driving along highways. Massachusetts law, for example, prohibits these types of vehicles from driving on roads with posted speed limits above 30 mph.

Extensive accessories from a custom dashboard to a radio and additional mirrors are available for the environmentally friendly vehicle. Qualifying Villager drivers will receive a tax credit based upon the vehicle invoice price, an estimated $880 to $1,300 credit. Although the weather may still be a little chilly for driving around town, expect to see more on the road as we near the summer season.