MassDOT and the Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition (MassBike) will be partnering in an effort to make the Bay State Bike Week a state wide event. The two organizations working together hope to reach across the state and involve as many commuters as possible. The Bay State Bike Week will take place May 17 – 21st to promote biking as a safe, economical, healthy and environmentally-friendly activity.

The Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition, commonly known as MassBike, promotes a bicycle friendly environment and encourages bicycling for commuting, as a recreational activity and for fitness. The organization was founded all the way back in February of 1977 and knows its way around Massachusetts. MassBike is an important group in regards to legislation as well fighting for bike safety legislation and bicycle friendly communities.

The Massachusetts Department of Transportation hopes to encourage biking as an alternative mode of transportation to other pollutant generating ways as well. MassDOT began the Massachusetts Bicycle Transportation Plan in 2008 to promote the activity throughout the state. This piece of legislation provides a listing of existing on and off road bicycle facilities that includes paths, projects in the pipeline, and long term proposals.

To kick off the 2010 Bay State Bike Week already has a website set up at: Here bikers and prospective participants can find out what the week’s all about and how to get involved.