Brand new Massachusetts driver’s license and ID’s have been released today with increased security features. The new cards have been put into production this week as new drivers and license renewals come through the RMV. The added security measures will help with law enforcement, banks, retailers and liquor establishments in validating the cards.The new license styles include an outline of Massachusetts that gleams when held to light. The old licenses were secured by ghost images of the driver’s picture, a kinegram or metalized optical device and ultraviolet-sensitive inks.

he Massachusetts Department of Transportation (MassDOT) has also required the manufacturer to set up a facility in Massachusetts for quicker delivery and to set up new jobs, the first time in over a decade they were manufactured locally.

Current driver’s licenses, identification cards, commercial driver’s licenses, junior operator and under 21 licenses will remain valid until their next renewal date. The Massachusetts registry expects to distribute approximately 1.4 million of the new cards to customers over the next year. The new licenses will be phased in over the next five years as drivers are required to renew their licenses.