As the economy and job market begin picking up so will the time you spend driving to and from work. State records show an increase of 11,000 drivers on Interstate 495 compared to the same time last year, an estimated 8,000 more driving on Interstate 93 and almost 4,000 additional driver on Route 128. The culprit?  Our improving economy and increased jobs seem to be behind increased travel times. As Massachusetts residents reclaim their place in the work force they have also reclaimed their place in rush hour commutes.

Governor Deval Patrick notes Massachusetts has seen an increase in job and that statistics have shown more than 19,000 new jobs have been created in April. These job additions have proven to be the largest month-to-month increase Massachusetts has seen in the past 17 years! According to the Executive Office of Labor & Workforce Development the Massachusetts unemployment rate fell from 9.3% to 9.2% this past April. Some of the largest job gains were seen in the professional sector with 7,200 position openings and construction with 3,900 jobs proudly boasting their first employment gain since 2006.

Governor Deval Patrick released the following statement regarding the unemployment drop:

“With 19,000 new jobs in April, Massachusetts had the single biggest monthly gain in 17 years.  We are on the mend and on the move.  Since day one, we have focused on investing in the projects and industries that put people to work right now and make the Commonwealth stronger for the long-term.  The significant gains we’re seeing in the construction, scientific, financial and manufacturing sectors show that our strategy is working.  Still, I understand that positive statistics mean little to the person who is out of work and looking for a job.  For them and for our future, we will keep pushing.”

Also plan ahead: daily commutes may continue to rise, Massachusetts is expected to add an additional 200,000 jobs over the coming three years.