A recent survey conducted by MetLife asked men and women, which sex is superior behind the wheel? According to the survey both men and women are superior in their own areas. Men gave in slightly to their female counterpart as a mere 39% of men expressed a strong belief thier sex holds greater driving skills than women. Solidifying this further, women provided a confident response in their own driving skills. In fact over half of women, fifty-one percent, strongly believed women are better drivers than the male population.

Women, bask in that sun as long as you can – men take home the gold in familiarity and knowledge of safety related auto technologies surfacing over the past 10 years. Verified by this survey, men were almost three times as likely to know about electronic stability control. For those of us who are unaware, the electronic stability control helps drivers avoid accidents and improve steering. This technology is also to be implemented in all new car models as of September 1st, 2011. Even further than this almost twice as many men recognized the safety benefits of this technology.

Men and women alike have found their niche in the diving realm. Looks like Venus and Mars will need to find another venue to wage their war.