MassDrive Holiday Party

Last night was the MassDrive and NGI Holiday Party! We had a blast! Everyone in our Boston office got together for an event that truly sampled some of Boston’s best: a dinner in the North End at Lucca, a comedy show at Improv Asylum, and a couple of songs on the juke box post show at The Point. It was definitely night of fun, laughs and lots of delicious food.

It was so great to spend time with one another outside the office and to get to know our friends at NGI better. Dinner was such a treat – Lucca truly is one of the best restaurants in the North End, and the festive decor added to the celebratory feel. Bill and Jean-Marie led a toast and reminded us of how far we’ve come since last year, and how excited we all are for the new year.

After a tasty dessert, we hurried off to Improv Asylum practically next store for a hilarious show. My face hurt from laughing and smiling the whole time. The best part of the show by far was when our very own Cam got up on stage to participate in a particularly humorous segment. He was a star! And a great sport for letting us force him up there. A born performer! The show was excellent and everyone had a great time.

Thank you to Bill, John, Jean-Marie and Bonnie for putting together such a special and fun night for all of us. Happy Holidays!

Holiday Montage