Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone!  Meet Kittery, easy enough name to remember right?  Her being a kitty and all.  This girl is up for adoption at the Lowell Humane Society in Lowell and is ready to be your new best friend!

So Kittery, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love being around people, and here at the shelter they call me the “office cat” and let me hang out in the office with the staff instead of in my cage, how awesome is that!  I’m a very simple girl, I like to kick back an relax and be around my people.  I don’t really ask for much more than that, maybe just a sunny spot near the window so I can watch the world go by.  Oh and maybe my donut pillow that I have here, I love curling up in a ball and getting nice and cozy on it. Even though I’m a young girl, I’m not very playful, I can be sometimes, but I have to be in the mood.

Do you have a favorite treat?

I’m not picky when it comes to treats, I’ll take almost anything as long as it comes with being petted too!

Is there anything you’re afraid of?

Not really, nothing really terrifies me that I can think of, but I can be shy around new people sometimes.  The staff here all said that I warmed up to them rather quickly though, so that must be a good thing!  The only other thing that can make me a bit nervous is big dogs that aren’t friendly, but can you blame me?  I’m usually indifferent towards most dogs if they leave me alone, it’s the ones that don’t leave me alone that make me nervous.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well since I’m so laid back, I think I would do best with a family that’s laid back too.  I’m really looking to be someone’s companion and best friend, so would do well with an older couple or family with older kids I think.  Oh and I wouldn’t want to go to a home with a dog that would be around me all the time, those are my only conditions and if you think your home would be a good fit I would love to meet you!

Why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider getting?

Well I think all parents want the best for their kids, even the furry ones!  Pet insurance seems like a good way to be as prepared for the unexpected as you can possibly be.

Kittery is right, as pet owners ourselves, we know how important furry friends are, they’re party of the family, so they should be protected like it.  That’s why we offer pet insurance as one of our products so that you can keep all of your valuables safe, even the ones with four legs!  Call one of our agents for a free pet insurance quote today!