Furry Friend Friday With Bosco!

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It’s our favorite day of the week again, Furry Friend Friday!  Our special guest this week is extra cute if you ask us, he’s a 7 month-old schnauzer mix named Bosco!  This cute little puppy is currently up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter and has been there since July, so he’s overdue to find his forever family!

So Bosco, how does a cute little pup like you wind up in a shelter?

Well I was actually found as a stray on the south shore, I’m not exactly sure where, but Animal Control picked me up.  They didn’t have a facility to keep me in, so I ended up at the Scituate Animal Shelter!  I really lucked out, everyone here is so nice!  I’m definitely ready to find my forever family though, I’ve been here since July and even though everyone here is so nice, I’d love to have a family that could give me all of their attention and love!

What’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I’m still a puppy, so I’m VERY active.  I love to run around outside, go for walks, explore new places like the beach, and play with my toys!  The staff here are always trying to get me to play fetch, and I always run after the ball but won’t pick it up and bring it back, I guess you could say I’m still figuring that game out.

Do you have a favorite toy?

I love those fluffy toys with a squeaker on the inside.  Not only are they cute and cuddly, but I can’t get enough of that squeaky sound!

Is there anything that makes you nervous?

Not really, everyone here says that I’m a very confident and outgoing boy.  I guess my time on the streets as a stray made me pretty tough!

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well as you already know, I’m still a puppy, and I hate to admit it but I could definitely use some more training.  I’d need to go to a family that could be patient with me and show me the ropes so that I can be the best pet possible!  I’d also love to go to a family with kids that I could play with, the staff here think that I should go to a home with kids ages 8 and up, since I can be a bit rambunctious when I play and wouldn’t want to knock down any little kids.  My last request would be to go to a family that could handle my energy level.  I’d need to go on long walks or be able to run around inside a fenced-in back yard.

Bosco, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Hmm, well I know I’m just a young pup but it seems obvious to me that pet insurance is a good idea.  Pets can get sick or hurt unexpectedly and those vet bills can be very expensive!  I think that pet insurance sounds like a good idea because if pet owners have it, they won’t have to pay a huge bill at once if their pet needs to go to the vet.

Bosco may be young, but he’s a very quick learner!  That’s why we’re sure he’ll find the perfect family for him very soon!  If you think pet insurance sounds like something you’d be interested in, call us for a free quote and take the first step to protecting your furry friend’s future!


Furry Friend Friday With Bijoux!


It’s that time of the week, time to feature an adorable, fluffy, furry friend up for adoption in Massachusetts!  Today’s special guest for Furry Friend Friday is named Bijoux, he’s a 6 year-old black cat up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter, and he’s been there for a while now so he’s overdue to find his forever family.  This little guy is a real love so if you think he looks like your new best friend be sure and pay him a visit!

So Bijoux, I understand that you’ve been at the shelter for a while now, how long exactly?

I’ve been here for three months so far, so I’m definitely ready to get out of here!  Don’t get me wrong, everyone at the shelter is great, but I just want to find a place and a family that I can call mine.  Sometimes it’s tougher for adult black cats to find homes, everyone wants a little kitten or thinks we’re bad luck, but look at me, do I look like bad luck to you?

No not at all, you actually are quite dashing!  What does a handsome cat like you like to do all day?

I’m pretty simple really, and I like to think I’m mature for my age.  I like to lounge around like your typical cat, and when it’s warm out you might find me up on the counter where it’s nice and cool.  I also love being around people, that’s my favorite thing, I’ll run right up to visitors to greet them and let them know I’m there.  I’m social and friendly when I want to hang out, but I’m no stage 5 clinger or overly pushy, I can take a hint when someone wants their space.

Is there anything that makes you nervous?

Nothing comes to mind, unless there was a giant dog chasing after me, then I might get a little nervous but who wouldn’t?  I usually get along with most dogs that I meet though, so that hasn’t been an issue but if it were to happen I can imagine it would be terrifying.

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Not to toot my own horn but I can’t get along with anyone, adults and children alike and even other cats and dogs!  I’ve lived with dogs before and as long as they are mellow and cat-savvy I’m sure we’ll get along great!  I’m very tolerant of all the young kittens that are here in the shelter with me, they’re always reaching for me and trying to play and I don’t mind at all, and I used to be around children in my old home so I know I’ll be fine if my future forever family has any little members.  I’m really just looking for anyone that will love me and make me their new best friend!

Bijoux, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well I’ve been lucky enough to stay pretty healthy so far in life, but I know that whether it’s from an accident or illness, most pets do eventually have health issues at some point.  It seems like a smart idea to have pet insurance so you don’t have to pay for those costs out of pocket, from what I hear the vet can be really expensive!

Bijoux is so smart!  He understands the value of having a policy in place to protect your furry friend, because after all, they are part of the family!  Call us today for a free pet insurance quote and make sure your best friend, and your wallet are protected.



Furry Friend Friday With Bella!


Happy Furry Friend Friday!  Meet Bella, this little girl is is far too cute to be sitting in a shelter, she’s ready to find her forever family.  She’s a 1 year-old pup up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter so stop by and pay her a visit, she’d love to be your new best friend!

So Bella, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

I love being outside playing, I can run and run and run!  I’m a very active girl, seeing as I’m still considered a puppy, so if you love to play we’d make a great team!  I love playing with other dogs too, but sometimes I can play a little too rough for some of them, especially if they’re smaller than me.  I’m very friendly when it comes to people too, and all I want is to find someone to go on long walks with and to throw me a ball every now and then, is that so much to ask for?

Do you have a favorite treat?

Funny that you mention that, I actually am on a special diet, and no it’s not because I’m watching my weight, I’m 40 pounds of all muscle!  I’m a pit bull terrier and shar pei mix, and I have shar pei skin which is extra sensitive and is allergic to grains.  Basically I’m on a grain-free diet, it’s not a big deal, I just can’t have any old treat so when I want a snack I get pieces of my special kibble.

Is there anything that scares you?

Nope, nothing I can think of!  I’ve been a very lucky girl and haven’t encountered anything too scary in my days, I just get nervous sometimes that I won’t find my forever family, but I never lose hope!

Bella, what do you think would  be the perfect family for you?

I think I’m a very lovable girl if I do say so myself, and I would be happy to go anywhere, I’m not picky!  My only request is to go with a family that would be able to give me regular exercise so I can burn off all of my energy!  It would probably be best if I were the only pet in the home as well and if I were with children ages 8 and older, not because I don’t like little kids, but because I’m still one myself and sometimes forget my own size and strength.  I wouldn’t want to knock someone down because  I got too excited and wanted to play.

Why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

I mean I know I’m still young and have a lot to learn, but from what I’ve seen so far pet insurance seems like it can only help out in a tough situation.  Isn’t it better to be safe than sorry when it comes to your furry friends?  After all, we think of you as family so we hope you think the same of us!

Bella’s right, anyone that has owned and loved their pet does consider them family, so they should be protected like it!  Pet insurance is an affordable way to make sure if your pet needs emergency vet care, they have access to it, without breaking the bank!  Call one of our agents today for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step in protecting your furry friend!






Furry Friend Friday With Rory!


Friday wouldn’t be complete without a Furry Friend Friday interview!  Am I right?  Rory certainly thinks so!  This girl is about 2 years old and is a pit bull/hound mix up for adoption at the Scituate Animal Shelter.  She’s been there for about a month and is looking for a family that likes to have fun that she can call her own.

So Rory, what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I have A LOT of energy, I’m still a young girl after all and I love being outside playing.  We have a fenced in yard here at the shelter and even get to go for walks on the nearby trails!  That’s always fun.  I also love other dogs, they’re so much fun to play with!  I have been told that I play a little rough though, it’s not on purpose I’m just a bigger, athletic girl and I forget my own strength sometimes.  After a day of playing I love to snuggle with my people and relax.

Do you have a favorite toy or treat?

I love all toys and treats, I don’t discriminate!  You should see the toy basket I have here at the shelter, I think I have more toys than anyone else!

Is there anything that scares you?

Do I look like I’m scared of anything?  Only kidding, even big, tough dogs like me can be afraid!  Nothing really comes to mind, the only thing that makes me nervous is the thought that I will never find my forever family, I really hope they show up soon!

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

A family that loves to play!  I would love to go with a family that is active like me, and a fenced in yard would probably be best.  I’m good with other dogs and teenagers, don’t get me wrong, I love little kids but as I said, sometimes I forget my own strength when I’m playing and I wouldn’t want to accidentally knock over a little one!  I am very well mannered and know a lot of commands, I would be a great family pet when someone gives me the chance!

Rory, why do you think pet insurance is a good thing for all pet parents to consider?

Well, people get hurt or sick unexpectedly, and pets can too.  If humans didn’t have insurance, the doctor’s office would be very expensive, and it’s the same with pets and the vet.  We may not be able to pay for it ourselves, but if you cover us we’ll pay you back by being your best friend!

Pets are our best friends, and are part of the family, so they should be protected like every family member.  Pet insurance will make sure that your pets can get the health care they need when the time comes, without breaking the bank.  Call one of our agents for a free pet insurance quote and take the first step on the road to protecting your furry friend!





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