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Furry Friend Friday With Woodrow!


We’re back with another Furry Friend Friday interview!  Today I got to chat with Woodrow, a 1 year-old pit bull mix up for adoption at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Springfield.  This cutie is very friendly but has been looking for his forever home for a while now, so if you’re looking for a new best friend be sure to stop by and pay Woodrow a visit!

Hi Woodrow!  I’m glad you were able to sit down with me, what do you usually do for fun during the day?

Well I love being around people and getting petted, it’s my absolute favorite thing!  I also have a lot of energy, so I love playing outside in the yard.  I’m really lucky because I get to spend some time in foster care, and don’t even have to stay in the shelter (not that it’s bad, it’s just too much for me)!  I get to play outside in the back yard, and the neighbors even have a dog that I get to play with!

What about toys?  Do you have any favorites?

I have a lot that come to mind, I’m a very lucky guy and have a lot of toys to choose from!  I really love squeaky toys and rope toys, I like playing tug of war and love the sounds the squeaky toys make and chasing them around.  Another favorite of mine are Nylabones, they’re like a snack and a toy combined because I can chew on them and they keep me entertained for a while.

Is there anything that you’re afraid of?

Not really, I’m a pretty tough pup!  I was found as a stray and picked up by animal control, and the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society was nice enough to give me a chance!  I learned a lot from my time on the streets and saw some crazy stuff, but none of it phased me at all!  Even though I’m a big lovebug I don’t scare easy!

What do you think would be the perfect family for you?

Well, I think a family that has experience with dogs would be great.  I’m still a young pup and have more to learn, but I’m very smart and pick things up quickly!  I love kids but because I’m so big and have so much energy I would probably be better off in a home with older kids.  I could even go to a home with another dog, as long as I get to meet them first!  No cats though, they’re too much fun to chase!

When it comes to pet insurance, why do you think it’s a good idea for all pet parents to consider?

Well when I was out on the streets, I saw a lot of stuff and I was lucky enough to be found unharmed but there were a lot of dangerous things out there!  Between cars, fleas, ticks, and more, there were a lot of things that could have put me in danger!  That’s just my own experience though, I’m sure other pets can find ways to get into trouble that may wind them up in the vet’s office, and those bills can add up quickly!

Woodrow is a pretty smart pup, and is so right about the everyday dangers that come face to face with our pets!  Pet insurance is a great way to make sure your pets, and your wallet are protected in the event of any accidents, call one of our agents today for a free quote!

To see Woodrow in action, check out this video of him here!




Furry Friend Friday With KC!


Happy Friday everyone, it’s a beautiful day out there and we’re celebrating with another interview!  Today I got to chat with KC, a 2 year-old plott hound mix up for adoption at the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Springfield.  KC is a very special girl but the adoption floor makes her nervous so she is lucky enough to be kept in a section of the shelter that’s a bit more quiet and mellow, if you stop by the shelter be sure to ask about her!

So KC, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well I love being outside and playing fun games!  I love running and am very active, I would love to find a family that would bring me hiking, on lots of walks, and maybe even to the beach if I’m lucky!  I spend a lot of time training here too, it’s really fun and the staff here says I’m so smart!  I could use a little help with some basic manners so a few classes would be helpful but I’m sure I can pick up quickly.  The trainers here even use me as the demo dog at the training classes here, I’m so proud of that!

Do you have a favorite toy to play with?

My favorite toy ever is my stuffed toy, aka “my baby”.  I really like squeaky toys too!  Some times I like to de-squeak them when I get too excited!

What about a favorite treat?

I love Duck and Potato treats!  They are so yummy and pretty good for me!

Do you have any fears?

Well right now I am very anxious in the shelter,  the environment is stressful on me and makes me nervous!  I don’t like the constant barking, other noises, and the people coming and going all the time.  I have been here for more than three weeks which makes me a “Lonely Heart” and my adoption fee is 50% off!  Seeing my friends get adopted while I stay behind gets hard after a while, so I’m hoping I find a forever home where I can finally relax.

What would be the perfect family for you?

Well like I said, I’m very active so I would like to be with a family that can bring me outside a lot, I would also be great in a home with children ages 13 or over, don’t get me wrong, I love little kids but I’m a strong girl who can still be a bit rambunctious and I wouldn’t want to accidentally knock someone over.  When it comes to other animals, I would be alright with other dogs as long as I meet them first, but I have no experience with cats.

Why do you think pet insurance is important for all pet parents to consider?

Well I think all pet parents should be prepared for anything, no matter how old their pet is.  Pets are like humans, and the older we get the more likely it is that we will need to go to the doctor.  Even young dogs can get into trouble that can send them to the vet’s office so it’s better to be prepared and have pet insurance coverage so you don’t have to break the bank at the vet.

Regardless of your pet’s age, odds are they will end up at the vet for more than just their annual check up.  Hope for the best but be prepared for the worst and call us for a free pet insurance quote today!


Furry Friend Friday With Big Mac!

Big Mac

Happy Furry Friend Friday everyone, meet Big Mac!  He’s a 4 year-old lab/shepherd/retriever mix and weighs in at 87 pounds so his name definitely suits him!   Isn’t he cute enough to take a bite out of?  Well you can’t do that, but if you’re interested in adopting or even fostering him until he finds his forever home, contact the Dakin Pioneer Valley Humane Society in Springfield!

So Big Mac, what is your favorite way to spend the day?

Well, as long as I’m with people I’m happy!  I loved to be petted and get to spend a lot of time with one of our volunteers named Sarah.  She’s so nice and takes me out of the kennel and lets me sit in her office sometimes.  I’m very uncomfortable in these surroundings after being in a home for so long!  For a while I even stopped eating because I was so upset, luckily I’ve gotten my appetite back and am doing better but I would love to find my forever home and be able to go for walks and cuddle all day!  Even car rides are fun for me, I’m a very good rider and love sticking my head out the window and getting some fresh air!

Do you have a favorite toy or treat?

When it comes to treats I’m not that interested, I’m sure that’s surprising considering my name but I’m just not food motivated right now.  Like I said, my appetite has been a little funny so maybe once I’m in my forever home I would enjoy a few snacks.  When it comes to toys, I love chasing tennis balls!  I could play fetch all day if you can throw!

What about fears, is there anything that scares you?

I am very scared of cats!  You would think I would be tough because I’m so big, but I’m really just a gentle giant and those cats can be mean sometimes!  Not to mention their claws, which are extremely sharp and scary!

What would be your perfect forever home?

Well as long as there are no cats I would be happy anywhere!  I love all people, I would probably be better in a home with older kids though just because of my size, I wouldn’t want to get too excited and knock over a little toddler, I would feel so bad!  I also love other dogs so if you already have one I would be a great addition!  Other than that being somewhere where my people love me, walk me, and pet me is all I need to be happy!

Big Mac, why do you think pet insurance is so important for all pet parents?

Well if you ask me, pets are members of the family too, so why not protect us like every other member?  What if I accidentally ate a Big Mac one day and got sick?  The vet bills could get expensive and if you have pet insurance it can save you a lot!

Big Mac is right, pets are like members of the family but they are also unpredictable and can get their noses into trouble every so often.  Pet insurance is a great safety net for all of the pet parents out there!  More likely than not, you will have to bring your pet to the vet for an unexpected issue that can rack up some major unexpected expenses, call us for a pet insurance quote today and make sure your furry friend is protected!




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